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    Post  Urufu on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:05 am

    H U M A N
    Belial Azathoth
    Urufu Azathoth Anime281
    The Urf

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
    Hello my name is Urufu. Do the math - I've been alive for sixteen years and I have been Rping for 5. I heard of this site from Taicho Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ YIM, AIM, MSN, PM

    B A S I C S //
    Laying down the bricks //

    Nickname/s | Urufu
    DOB | April Seventh, Nineteen Ninety-Four
    Age | 16
    Sexuality | Male, Straight
    Ethnicity | Caucasian
    Occupation | None
    Loyalty | None

    Proof of who I am //

    Spiritual Power | Retribution is the ability to rip apart DNA sequences through oral blood consumption. After ripping apart these sequences, one can "manually" insert them into their own DNA patterns for a temporary change in their genetic structure.

    In the beginning stages, one would only be able to manipulate Physical aspects of their victim into their genetic coding. This can change not only things such as appearance, but also muscle mass, endurance levels, increases to strength, speed, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch levels, as well as fix organs and such that are permanently damaged, simply by reducing the old one to pure atoms and rebuilding it, ejecting the damaged tissue through the pores of the skin in a form that resembles a black mist.

    (The harder things, such as Recreating organs and the like, take A) A lot of power with it, and B) A lot of blood.)

    The middle stages involve stripping the DNA of their powers. delving further into the Patterns, the user can sort out the coding that gives each individual their unique abilities. This has it's limits, though. The level of control they have over the Power or ability is the exact same as that of the one they took it from. Take Pyromancy for example. If one has complete control of fire, and a Retribution user takes that ability, they also have complete control. If they can barely create sparks, and are in the beginning stages, then they are at that level as well. (only works if he is a tier above them)

    (The more powerful someone opposing a user of Retribution is, the harder [and consequently, the more blood is needed] it is to gain the abilities. A handful of blood -as in his hand is covered in their blood- will be sufficient for beginning stages. A liter and a half is sufficient for second stage. 4 liters is needed for the rest)

    The third stages of this power involves total recreation of somebody through Retribution.The user can delve so far into the DNA that they can find memories and behavioral quirks. They can completely recreate their own body (and if they wish it, their mindset) into that person, be it their powers and all. Of course, one can always revert back to their original form, and then back into their victim.

    The final stages of this power is Bodily creation. By midway changing their own DNA in their blood, and injecting it into someone else, be it through oral consumption, needles, etc, They can change that person into nearly whatever they wish. This is done only to allies, as they must accept the change.

    The highest level user of Retribution has the ability to give Retribution to someone else. This is the only way it can be spread. It is not really a bloodline or anything of the sort. It is an individual ability that most family members give upon their children. It is a very rare ability, though, even still.

    Weapons | N/A

    Further than just the skin //

    Height | 5'7
    Weight | 160 lbs
    Hair color & Style | Blonde/White lazy spikes
    Eye color | Purple
    Overall Appearance | Urufu usually wears a white cloak with two blood red crosses on either side of his body. He has blond hair, is roughly 5'7, and weighs 160 pounds. He has a long scar running up from his left elbow to his shoulder. His fingernails are longer then average, and resemble claws, as well do his toenails, which are clearly visible because he wears no shoes. The tips and outlines of both are stained with blood permanently. The bottom of his black cargo pants are frayed, as well as the cuffs of his sleeves. He wears a pure silver cross on a necklace, from his days with the Vatican. Old habits die hard.

    His muscles, though not very large, are incredibly dense, giving him a lean appearance. Those not used to seeing someone like that would instantly deem him weak, right before a powerful punch from the "weak" arms of the "weak" boy broke their face. His clearly Caucasian skin makes him stand out in Japan, though not by much. What truly makes him stand out is his Cloak, as stated earlier. His blond hair is slightly long, but stands in chaotic, lazy spikes that seem to fall where they please, slightly resembling Cloud Strife, minus the large forespike. He has violet eyes, a trait slightly odd. When he was born, they were a soft blue, but over time, as his eating habits changed, so did his eye color. After all, red and blue make purple. Also, a steel pentacle necklace is wrapped around his right arm, hidden underneath his cloak.

    Understand the invisible //

    Favorite Color | White projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Doctors don white coats, brides traditionally were white gowns and a white picket fence surrounds a safe and happy home.

    How the color white affects us mentally and physically
    * aids mental clarity
    * encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles
    * evokes purification of thoughts or actions
    * enables fresh beginnings

    Likes |

      One § Explain | Blood. Urufu is obsessed with Blood (in fact, he requires it to live)
      Two § Explain | Nature. A druid of a sort, Urufu loves being alone in nature.
      Three § Explain | Solitary. Although he needs their blood to live, Urufu hates people.
      Four § Explain | Being a hero - He just wants to protect his loved ones.

    Dislikes |

      One § Explain | People: They're ignorant and useless
      Two § Explain | Vampire: He is not one, don't call him one
      Three § Explain | Being Useless, for that is a sad feeling
      Four § Explain | Drug users - Their blood tastes bad

    Flaws |

      One § Explain | Eating Habit - Urufu must drink blood to survive. He can't eat or drink regular food.
      Two § Explain | Fighting Habit - In order to fight properly, Urufu must acquire blood from his opponent. This could be difficult, and if it becomes impossible, he isn't too powerful.

    Habits |

      One § Explain | Fighting: Urufu has some slight anger issues, and will get into fights quite often.
      Two § Explain | Leaving a witness: The not-a-vampire makes it a rule to not kill when he feeds, and take only what he needs to absolutely just barely get by. Unless he intends to kill them. Then they die.

    Fears | Everyone views him as a monster; He will be hunted; Being killed without being able to do anything (being useless)
    Goals | Existence is something that everyone strives for. Urufu merely wants to survive in this world, nothing more and nothing less.
    Overall Personality | Urufu is an intelligent, playful being. He loves to have fun, but he knows when to be serious, and not take everything for granted. During battle, he usually uses a Slice-First, Think-about-the-consequences-later attitude, though that doesn't mean he doesn't know how. He is very resourceful, and loves Nature.
    If he can't protect those he loves, he feels completely useless, and will train harder every chance he gets to find a way to protect them. Because of his Cannabilistic/Vampiric ways, however, he doesn't have many people whom are close to him, as he gives off a slightly Horrifying Aura. He is your classic White Knight. Hell-bent on protecting everything and all, he will let nothing stand in his way. Incredibly selfless, it is his major downfall. If one knows him, even through reputation, it would be incredibly easy to exploit this.

    Not a lot of people make the requirements to becoming his friends, however. Urufu is slightly demented in the fact that he hates nearly everyone. He has been shown that people are selfish, ignorant, obnoxious, etc, and views them as food more then anything else. Due to his ability, the only thing he can consume for sustenance is blood. Don't let that fool you though, he hates being called a Vampire. It generates an anger within him that cannot be tamed.

    Rejecting the Vatican life, he chose the path of the Wiccan. The nature witch, as some may call them. Just because he hates people, doesn't mean he hates everything. He has a vast love for nature and all of it's inhabitants. He is at peace the most when he is in the forest, or something woodsy, surrounded by his beasty brotherin. His Zodiac Sign is Dog, his Astrology sign is Aries, and his favorite color is white. He holds it in high regards, because it resembles both a purity, something unscathed by anything else. Also, it can show a white hot, inner rage, something he himself holds.

    One other thing about Urufu... He is slowly going insane. Due to his ability, he has several minds within himself at once. Though they are not active consciously, they still affect him incredibly slowly, though very deeply on a neurotic level. Urufu hears a voice within his head, and has ever since he first achieved his abilities. This voice is a split within his own mind. It is similar to a split personality. It never takes control, or wishes to. It merely wants Urufu to drink as much blood as possible.

    HISTORY //
    Tell me a tale... //

    Birthplace | Rome, Italy
    Mother | Terra Azathoth
    Father | Simon Azathoth
    Siblings | None
    Other Relations | Urufu had a teacher named Juusatsu once, whom is currently deceased.
    Companion | None
    Overall history | Urufu was born in Rome, Italy. His powers were left dormant inside of him for 7 years. They were created when Urufu was baptized in a tub of holy water, tainted with Dark Energy. Raised as a catholic boy, he lived in the Vatican and was an apprentice of a very high powered member in a scholarly position. He hated it. He didn't believe in their god, and he didn't care enough to pretend. He was like that.
    Escaping one night, he ran. He had no money, no food, and no skills to gain it. The Vatican didn't teach those things, especially to an unruly boy.

    It was around this time Urufu discovered that if he ate human food, or drank even water, he would become violently sick. He couldn't keep anything down. During his travels, he witnessed a terrible commotion. Two rivaling gangs got into a gun fight. As the survivors left, he noticed what littered the concrete. There was dead everywhere. Blood oozed from open wounds, ripped open like a can of tuna from gun spray. And it smelled delicious. He couldn't resist the urge. It was way too powerful. Drink it. Drink it all. A voice in his head snapped to existence, backhanding him. Deciding to heed it's orders, he dropped to his knees, wrapped his lips around a wound, and began to suck on the blood. It poured down his throat, a little warm still. Thank the Goddess. As he got his fill, he could feel changes in his body. Strength returning. Speed increasing. Wounds healing. Grinning, he wiped the excess blood from his lips with the back of his hand, and stood swiftly. Leaping into the air, he was surprised at his own reflexes, catching a ledge nearly 2 meters higher than his head and hauling himself onto the fire escape. Scaling the ladder, he quickly made it to the roof, where he desperately slept, happy that he kept down his food.

    Along the way, around age 11, he met someone. This someone, Forbade Juusatsu, traveled with him for a long time. The two became incredibly close. It was hard not to. He decided to accompany Urufu when he saw that the boy had no one. Juusatsu was an Orphan, like Urufu. He knew what it was like to be alone. The two sympathized very well together. They truly became Father and Son. Even though they were close, they still had a lot to learn about each other. Urufu didn't even know Juusatsu's age (which was 34). Juusatsu taught Urufu many things. He introduced him to the world of magic, and revealed that he himself was an exiled death god. He also explained that there were many humans with strange abilities such as his, and he wasn't as unique as he thought. They traveled for 4 years, touring the country side. They made money by joining circuses, etc. Urufu made a decent living healing the sick with Reverse Retribution.

    He then revealed he was sick. Sick and Dying. At First, Urufu thought this was a joke. Who ever heard of a death god getting a disease? Then Juusatsu revealed it. It was brutal.
    The sickness took the form of a black underlining underneath the skin, like bruises but much darker, much larger, and much more painful. It didn't bother him much on good nights. On bad nights.. he could barely move. The sickness was eventually going to find its way to Juusatsu's heart and stop it, like a heavy chain. It took a few years, but finally, one night.. it struck.

    Urufu didn't know what to do. He sat with Juustatsu for a long time, as he lay sick in his bed, coughing, wheezing. Then, the pitiful light in his eyes extinguished. Juustatsu was gone forever. Crying, Urufu laid on his chest and beat unmercifully, willing his heart to beat. It didn't.
    As his tears dried, he continued to lie on Juusatsu's chest, staring at his neck. A voice inside of his head told him something, something that he will never forget. To rip open his throat with his teeth and drink. That was crazy. Why would he do that? Why would he feed on his Father?
    The temptation became too strong for him to resist. He finally closed his eyes and did it.
    Instantly, he grew in strength, he could feel it. He continued to drink, until he drained the man dry. It was then that he began to see things. Shinigami, Vizards, Arrancar, Hollow's, etc. He saw it all. Clearer then ever before. He saw them daily now, instead of merely the most powerful. He saw the weakest spirits. He saw. And the voice continued in his head, continued to tell him what to do. Go to japan.

    Ripping the pentacle necklace from Juusatsu's cold chest as he lay on the bed, he kept it safe as he doused the building in gasoline. It was merely a cheap hotel, nothing interesting, really. Besides, everyone was gone to see a play. This was Italy. Tossing a match, he watched from a safe distance as his Father (and a hotel) lit up in flames. Clutching the necklace in his hand, he vowed to take on the Wicca religion, in honor of his dead father. After a bit of studying it, he found that it matched his own beliefs quite clearly. One year of studying later, Urufu could be found sitting atop a cliff, staring down into the ocean below. Japan was only a week of walking away! The wind blew through his hair and cloak, and a single tear slid down his cheek as he smiled into the ocean, the Pentacle necklace clutched tightly in his hands.

    Juusatsu's final gift. A religion he could follow honestly.

    RP SAMPLE //
    A foolish Shinigami had requested a battle with Urufu Azathoth, as he tried to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach."A spar you say?" He asked grinning. "Sounds good." Bringing his claws to his lips, he was pleased to note that some of the blood from the hollow didn't wash away in the ocean. Several moments ago, Urufu had stolen the Shinigami's kill, and slayed a Flying Hollow with quite a bit power. Licking it off, he swallowed it. His purple eyes flashed black for a second, before he yawned. "This may hurt.." He whispered to himself, as gigantic wings sprung from his back, ripping the skin and his cloak. Blood dripped from his back slightly, but he was fine. Wiping away one tear threatening to fall from the corner of his eyes, he grinned. Launching himself into the air, he flapped his enormous bat-like wings, and held aloft in the salty ocean. Looking down on the shinigami, he began to charge a cero from his hand..

    The Shinigami had thrown up some sand in the first little bit in hopes to blind him. It worked.. slightly. As the sand blinded him, he smirked. He was the wolf of retribution, for The goddess' sakes. Urufu didn't need to see to defend. "I can still hear the whistle of the wind as your blade approaches." He said, as he twirled with his left wing extended, smacking Rokiro (The Shini) and knocking his blade away from his wind. "And I can still hear your blood pumping through your veins." He said, as he began to slash and hack at the boy with his claws, both from his hands and shoe-less feet.

    He wore no shoes, and never trimmed his nails, until they became a hassle. They were sharp as daggers, and incredibly sharp and thick. See, Urufu needed blood to survive. Until he got it, he had barely any abilities. He needed a way to penetrate some skin and get to the delicious red nectar inside of someone. If he ate regular human food, he would throw it up. And that wasn't pretty.

    As the sun shone down on the two, Urufu finally cleared out his eyes. Still slashing towards Rokiro, his vision was fuzzy, but soon cleared. The ocean was like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket. It sparkled and shone with an intense blue that made Urufu smile, and nearly forget he was fighting. Nearly.

    The sand was white hot and glowing, shining off of everybody's near-naked body as they shone with sweat and ocean spray, many of them soaked. Some people were working their tans, and many had children that were making sand castles and the such. Focusing back to the task at hand, Urufu increased the reiatsu in his arms. This helped force oxygen into his muscles, and made him go faster.

    Pushing, he practically forced the wind to separate away from him to increase his speed. He didn't technically do that, but it seemed like it as sweat poured from his body in his attempt to harm his sparring partner. Sharpening his claws with reiatsu even still, he continued his barrage of nail, adding tooth occasionally, snapping at Rokiro's form to get some blood. He was moving so fast, he wasn't sure if he even hit the boy once.

    Eat him.. eat him.. That voice was still in his head. Sometimes he could ignore it.. but usually he couldn't. And he usually listened. As the Shinigami was torn to pieces by his deadly claws, He listened...

    F A C E C L A I M //

    [/size] GAME/SERIES | Dunno
    [/size] Name | Dunno


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    Urufu Azathoth Empty uhcm's Review of Urufu

    Post  uhcm on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:11 am

    A Damned Hero concept, interesting choice. The ability to alter the person physically, para-physically and meta-physically by the means of blood transfusion, more interesting. Can you elaborate the forum format for the Retribution ability? Like how many posts before one stage transcends into the next stage and how many time Urufu can use it in a thread?

    I would not reject it off the bat because it is a concept that I was not familiar with at all. It is basically be evidence of being ignorant if I do reject it without seeing it being used before (for others, it may not be the case since they have their own reason.) It is a good thing you seemed to know what you are doing since I noticed the inclusion that only willing folks can be affected, which implied that you will ask the potential victim ahead of time before making the decision to perform it. I applaud for your taking in the responsibility over your powerful ability.

    A human with dark powers that could be related to Hollows and Arrancars? I think it is stepping onto a fickle boundary of being acceptable or rejected because never once a human has the ability related to Arrancars and Menos (except for Sado (Chad) because his powers derived from the origin of Menos.) I do understand the meaning of drinking the blood of your enemy. But there was little indication of it allowing self-use. Mind elaborating that part with connection to the RP Sample?


    Only the Admin (Taicho) can make the final decision, I'm only a moderator, so I am kinda allowed to make an opinion/review, but not allowed to accept or reject profiles.

    Damned Hero = The vile character with good qualities. Like "Dirty Harry" and "Batman"

    Physical = Refers to the outer factors of an object. Like skin tone and height.

    Para-Physical = Refers to the inner factors of an object. Like stomach size and blood-type.

    Meta-Physical = Refers to the underlying factors of an object. Like personality and spiritual power.

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    Urufu Azathoth Empty Re: Urufu Azathoth

    Post  Urufu on Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:01 am

    Alright, let's get cracking. Just in case you misunderstood (I realize it may be slightly confusing that I wrote Retribution in third person), when he drinks the blood, the abilities mainly affect him to begin with. It is only when he becomes stronger that he can affect others. So until he acquires the final stage (I don't believe he will be starting with all of that, that is merely the full extent of Retribution) he will be using the acquired blood to increase his own strength and gain abilities (temporarily, for as soon as he drinks a different beings blood, all of the old additions are gone, regardless if he uses the blood for Retribution or not)

    Now then, Retribution is a passive ability of sorts. The more blood he drinks directly correlates with what he can do with it. He will always be able to use it, HOWEVER, he does need blood. That is a major prerequisite. If he can't acquire blood, he can't do anything. Other dna will not work, for it must be blood.

    As for posts, I will try to make this fair for both the other person and myself. This shall be related to the full extent of his abilities, and now what the admins/mod allow me to begin with.

    The Beginning stages will require no extra posts (able to be used instantly) simply because he has no other abilities. He needs something he can 'insta-cast' as it were, or else he will be merked. Regenerating important organs (he cannot regen heart or brain) will require one post though (more if it's many and he has little blood)

    The middle stages will be insta-cas for the abilities to show up (meaning he is aware of them (able to create sparks with pyromancy) and one posts for them to be fully matured (at the highest level of proficiency he can be with). If this needs to be changed, merely say the word.

    The third and final stages require four posts each, more if you say so.

    The highest level requires two posts per participant (not as in Me + You = Four posts each, as in We both require 2 posts).

    With all of this in mind, I hope my RP sample is sufficient. It pertains to him having drunk a hollow's blood and gained wings, as well as a slight speed increase.


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    Urufu Azathoth Empty Re: Urufu Azathoth

    Post  uhcm on Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:22 pm

    Alright. I made my recommendation for your acceptance. The Admin would more likely accept you soon.

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    Urufu Azathoth Empty Re: Urufu Azathoth

    Post  Taicho on Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:54 pm

    APPROVED tier 3-1+

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    Urufu Azathoth Empty Re: Urufu Azathoth

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