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    A R R A N C A R
    Cosmi Fidelis
    Eligius Fidelis Zelmanclock

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
    N/A (Insert here). Do the math - I've been alive for (Age in letters here)yearsand I have been Rping for (number of years/months in letters). I heard of this site from (insert here) Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ Skype, PM

    B A S I C S //
    Laying down the bricks //

    Nickname/s | (Insert here)
    DOB | Unknown
    Age | 856
    Sexuality | Straight
    Ethnicity | White
    Occupation | Primera espada
    Loyalty | Himself

    Proof of who I am //


    Resurrección Appearance |

    When released, Eligius stands at an even more impressive seven foot eight. His body becomes muscular- though not overly so. He grows two sets of wings- one small set on his chest, and a large set on his back. The markings on his upper torso and face vanish, though new markings appear on his shoulders and shins. His Arrancar outfit is replaced by a red loin, with a golden belt. Inversely to most Arrancar, when Eligius releases, the last remnant of his Hollow form- the horns- vanishes entirely. The Katana changes shape into a large ornate blade.
    Call out phrase | Provoque el mundo, Dominación!

    Resurreccion ability |

    Campo Estático
    Passive; Close Range
    Upon release, Eligius is surrounded by an electric field. This is made visible only by static flickers of lightning dancing around his body at random intervals. This field makes physical contact with Eligius impossible without causing electric feedback to spark onto the attacker, very likely causing paralyzing effects. Likewise, Eligius' blade orbits his body due to this field. (blocks only level 50 and below kido and up to 3 physical attacks)

    Dominación Eléctrica
    Eligius original Hollow power- and the basis for his other two powers. Dominación Eléctrica allows Eligius to generate and use Electricity. This electricity can be used in any way seen fit by Eligius, including but not limited to- providing his physical attacks with an electric buffer, generating bolts, balls, spears, walls, etc. of lightning.

    Dominación Magnética
    With his control of electric fields, Eligius is able to increase the electric flow into electromagnetic fields. With these fields, he can attract and repulse metals, create magnetic stasis fields, and any number of other electromagnetic possibilities.

    Dominación de Gravedad
    The cycle of electricity, electromagnetism, and gravity being intrinsic, Dominación de Gravedad is the pinnacle of Eligius' abilities. The final evolution of of his powers, by pushing them from electric fields, into magnetic fields, and then beyond, he can create electromagnetic gravitational fields. Within these fields, he can freely manipulate gravity, increasing or decreasing it.

    Arrancar that have managed to reach this far are known to be the strongest of arrancar, and their reiatsu can even crush and kill those weaker then they are- Making them a threat to all who appose them.

    A passive trait of Eligius' evolution into an Arrancar, his Reiatsu carries more than the ability to paralyze. Those who are subjugated to the presence of his Reiatsu will find themselves hearing incomprehensible whispers of fear, seemingly feel breath against their necks, feel as if they are being watched from all directions. When looking at Eligius, he will appear to be surrounded by an amorphous blob of shadow, swaying this way and that, floating like a lava lamp. random faces and arms seem to rise and fall from these blobs, as if screaming out in torment. To those weaker than Eligius, it can effect one to the point that the body will emulate an acute stress reaction. The symptoms show great variation but typically include an initial state of "daze", with some constriction of the field of consciousness and narrowing of attention, inability to comprehend stimuli, and disorientation.
    This state may be quickly followed by either further withdrawal from the surrounding situation (to the extent of a dissociative stupor), or by agitation and overeactivity, anxiety, impaired judgement, confusion, detachment, and depression. Autonomic signs of panic anxiety (tachycardia, sweating, flushing) are also commonly present.

    Other common symptoms that sufferers of acute stress disorder experience are: numbing; detachment; derealization; depersonalization or dissociative amnesia; continued re-experiencing of the event by such ways as thoughts, dreams, and flashbacks; and avoidance of any stimulation that reminds them of the event. This effect can easily be countered by exerting an equal Reiatsu force against Eligius'
    Boosts: Strength and speed.


    Fear; Offensive; Mid-range
    Iku is a simple technique in operation, and powerful in application. Often confused for the effects of a powerful reiatsu, Iku is in fact a hollow technique that requires physical contact to at some point be made. Once physical contact has been made, a small dollop of reiatsu is left on the touched. By activating Iku, that Reiatsu is absorbed into the body, and circulated. While in circulation, lasting up to five minutes, the affected being is prone to misconception concerning Eligius. Eligius' spiritual pressure will appear to continuously rise beyond known levels, the world around the affected growing darker and darker until all they see is Eligius and his perceived massive spiritual presence. The end result being an astonishing feeling of paralyzing fear. While those of equal or greater strength than Eligius are effected to a lessened effect, those that are weaker than Eligius are effected greatly- larger gaps causing effects to the point of blacking out from fear.

    Due to the application of the reiatsu being masked by physical touch, and Eligius' close proximity, it is near impossible to realize it has been applied, save for by those who have immense skill in sensing even the smallest traces of spiritual power. Should one be able to deduce there is foreign reiatsu on them before it is absorbed into their body, they can easily remove it by saturating the area with a focused amount of their own spiritual energy. Activating the effects after the reiatsu has been planted requires Eligius to be in line of sight with the target, and for him to speak the word "Behold." Once activated, the only way to remove the effects prematurely is to exude a large force of spiritual energy for five seconds, or by way of advanced poison removal abilities.


    Disappear; Passive
    Often times Hollows may be too weak to stand up against their spiritual counterparts, shinigami, and find their violent existence cut short by soul reaper intervention. This ability helps to cloak a hollow temporarily against shinigami tracking techniques. The user of this ability can shrink their spiritual pressure to the equivalent of a common plus and with practice, even lower in order to avoid detection. Likewise, this ability will allow a hollow to seem almost invisible as long as it is within shadow and limits its movements. Unfortunately, any hollow techniques used while using this ability will cancel the cloaking effect.


    Repulsion; Offensive; Close to Long range
    Thrusting a limb toward the target, it sends a force of surpressed reiatsu that pushes the target back.

    Condene Lanza

    Doom Lance; Offensive; Close to Long Range
    Gathering reiatsu on their hand, the user forms a slim and long reiatsu stick, equal to a lance or spear and hurls it toward the target.

    Cope de Nieve Esparcir

    Snowflake Scatter; Offensive; Long range
    This ability allows the caster to call forth what looks to be snowflake like shrunken or kunai knives from their hands up to one hundred of them as they float around in the air until a command word is shout or a snap of the fingers as they fly towards their target and try to pierce their skin with their sharpness while using their hands to control the path of the ice like weapons. As they keeps on doing this until the victim is cut into ribbons or all of the ice shards were destroyed. The caster can make up to the max number of one hundred of these shards or lower as they take up reiatsu to use and once they are broken there is a twenty five chance that it would cause a freezing sensation on the skin and freeze the body, but still leaves a cold trail of reiatsu around them as it slightly increases the chances of them freezing with each crystal they break but the caster cannot use any other ability otherwise they would lose control and disable the ability.

    Disco Espiral

    Spiral Disc; Offensive; Close to Mid range
    A powerful technique has the user using the energy itself on their hand or leg. The energy surrounds the target limb until it glows light blue. This technique when used correctly can turn the selected limb into a blade of pure energy. The blade of fire burns at a highly accelerate rate and being cut by something like this is dangerous to the body. It may feel like a regular cut but as the battle goes on, the cut made on to the body lowers the reaction time of the opponent and damages them from within. They can also generate large disk of light blue energy from their hands and throw them at their opponents and uses her hands to control where they go, they vibrate at ultra high frequencies and go right through them if by some reason she was in the way but disappears if so with leaving a small amount of damage to them.
    entered partnership with Aizen, being transformed into an Arrancar by the Hōgyoku. After becoming an Arrancar, he would immediately challenge the Septima Espada. A short battle would ensue, ending with Aizen stopping the fight to grant a great honor to Eligius. Instead of taking over as the Septima Espada- he would become the Primera of the Espada's equal counterpart- the Escudo.

    Further than just the skin //

    Height | 6'9
    Weight | 175 Lbs
    Hair color & Style | Auburn
    Eye color | Crimson red
    Overall Appearance |
    Eligius stands at an impressive six foot nine in his sealed state. His body, while not overly muscular, is athletically toned- and belies his actual physical strength. On his upper torso, his body seems to be tattoo'd in some tribal style manner- though these markings seem to vanish upon releasing. His eyes are a very dark blue, while his hair is a shade of auburn. He has a tattoo like line that goes across his face, and a tattoo like circle on his forehead- though like the upper torso markings, these seem to vanish upon release. His uniform, like all other Espada, is white. Instead of an entire outfit, though, his is split into two pieces. The pants, which have open sides up towards the waist, and the shirt, which is merely the upper portion and sleeves. The only remnant of his hollow form is manifested as horns.

    When released, Eligius stands at an even more impressive seven foot eight. His body becomes muscular- though not overly so. He grows two sets of wings- one small set on his chest, and a large set on his back. The markings on his upper torso and face vanish, though new markings appear on his shoulders and shins. His Arrancar outfit is replaced by a red loin, with a golden belt. Inversely to most Arrancar, when Eligius releases, the last remnant of his Hollow form- the horns- vanishes entirely.
    Clothing: Standard espada clothing.

    Understand the invisible //

    Favorite Color | Black: That he is introverted yet prideful.

    Likes |

      Loyalty § Likes people who are loyal that usually including the weak.

    Dislikes |

      Traitors § Explain
      Weaklings § Explain

    Flaws |

      God Complex§ Constantly believes hes god and looks at anyone that weaker then him as shit.

    Habits |

      Pacing § He cant sit still and will often pace about a room.

    Aspect of Death | Pride
    Fears | He fears absolutely nothing.
    Goals | To rule hueco mundo or die trying.
    Overall Personality |
    Eligius is generally regarded as one of the most calm and level-headed members of the Espada. He is not overly 'chatty' in general, though if he verbalizes a train of thought, he is known to speak precisely, and in detail. His analytical nature is always present, even in battle- where he would prefer to study the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents before devising a strategy of his own. He is often merciless to anyone that lacks respect for him, or whom he sees as a threat, a shift in his usually 'Reserved' manner. This reserved, perceived self inhibited self control can often times come off as depression.

    Outside of his general attitude, Eligius suffers from an Existential Nihilistic view. Existential nihilism is the belief that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, a single being, or even an entire species is insignificant without purpose, and is not likely to change in the totality of existence. Because of these views, Eligius will often be found seeking a person's 'purpose'.

    [God Complex]
    Perhaps a side effect of his constant 'purpose seeking', Eligius has developed an Egocentrically Narcissistic personality disorder- or a God Complex. Eligius' specific case of NPD seems to be a mix between the Elitist Narcissist, and a partially reversed fanatical Narcissist, with a predominantly Compulsive Narcissist outlook. Specifically, he sees the world through himself- and as such envisions himself as the world- a God. Because of his power, he finds himself to be better than others, and at times will seek to prove this. Other times, he will attempt to awaken others to his perceived reality of them being 'insignificant and valueless' compared to him.

    HISTORY //
    Tell me a tale... //
    NOTE: Must include human death, hollow life, and transformation into Arrancar.
    Birthplace | N/A
    Mother | N/A
    Father | N/A
    Siblings | N/A
    Other Relations | N/A
    Companion | N/A
    Overall history |

    The miracle of birth. The act of a mother bringing a being, a child into the world. The act of giving life, balancing out the death that plagued the world. Maintaining the perfection of the cycle. A cycle that in all it's balance often caused unbalance. A cycle that in a very certain case, seemed to play the role of unfair. As was usual, every so often along the cycle, a travesty would occur. The birth of a small child came upon the same time the cycle was unmerciful. A life was brought into the world, and with its coming, a life was taken. After fifty six hours of labor, a small boy was born. Three weeks premature, weighing only three pounds four ounces, Fuhen Zennōsha was born. But even as he announced his arrival with his first baby scream, his mother announced her departure with a painful shout. Fuhen Shizuku died, moments after her baby was placed in her arms, due to hemorrhaging.

    It was an omen, though, his birth from death. His clan had long since the days of old foretold of the birth of a prodigal son. For the first year of Zennōsha's life, his father cared for him more then he had ever cared for anything. He played the role of two parents, struggling to support himself and his child, while still being there for his clan. He would be treated as if he were the divine ruler of the entire universe. The time would come, though, that this care would no longer continue. At the age of one, precisely on his birthday, he was taken by the elders of the clan, and would already begin training. While all in his family had generally been artisans, Zennōsha would follow another path, that of the Onmyōji. Versed in the arts of Onmyōdō, the elders would bring to Zennōsha the finest training they could muster. For it had been prophesied that he who had been born unto the clan through death would be blessed with the gift to become the greatest Onmyōji in the land.

    During his years as a child, Zennōsha spent his time learning everything he could about Onmyōdō. He also turned his attention to developing his own unique skills, quickly surpassing his tutors. During his training, he would be attacked, though, by a demon of sorts. Though it was not a true demon, in the sense of the word, it was a young man who was possessed by a hollow that had once killed a great Onmyōji. It had been the ancestor of Zennōsha, and because of this ancient bond, something was awakened within the young man in training. They were both young, and so the battle did not last long before they were both physically exhausted. Departing, the young hollow possessed man would leave a burning desire within Zennōsha.

    Years would pass, Zennōsha having become more then any in the clan could have expected. He had been named personal Onmyōji to the Daimyō of the land they called home, divining as seen fit, vanquishing spirits as needed. The day would come when the hollow would return, intent on once again destroying the spirit of the ancestral Onmyōji. Zennōsha was prepared, though. Whereas before, this hollow posed a challenge to him, Zennōsha held the upper hand now, easily evading all attacks against him, and landing every attack he made. It was not so much that Zennōsha was stronger then this Hollow, but rather, his skills were so finely tuned, vanquishing the demon from the man's soul was nothing but childes play to Zennōsha. He would exorcise the hollow from the man's soul, only to find the man himself was a murder, killing Zennōsha the moment the hollow was fully removed from his body.

    In death, he would not be alone. As he passed away, and found himself chained to an earthen limbo, he would find himself surrounded by spirits. Like him, they all had chains tethering them to their fates. His spiritual presence drew them to him, their arms reaching, grasping at him, begging for his help. The more that came, and the more that pulled, the more hatred Zennōsha began to feel. Within days of his death, the chain attached to his heart would be ripped from his body, and he would become that which he had vanquished during his life. Fuhen Zennōsha, Onmyōji, master of Onmyōdo, prodigal son of an entire clan, personal Onmyōji to the Daimyō of a country- had become a hollow.

    The first few years of his afterlife as a hollow would pass slowly. He fought the urges that came with his position. Each day would go by, and each day he would feel weak, as he hungered for the spirits that he had once sought to balance. Day by day, he would fight with himself, until he could hold back no longer. The first soul he devoured, the soul of a small child, whet his appetite. The taste of soul upon his tongue was gratifying. The next soul he ate brought color to his world. The soul after that bringing texture. Each soul after brought more and more into the world of his after life. It became an addiction, feeding upon the souls around him. He would begin to feed even when he was not hungry. Within a year, he had devoured a thousand souls throughout the regions of Japan. He would soon find himself breaking free from the world that he had once lived in, finding a new home in a desolate realm known as Heuco Mundo.

    He would be drawn deep into a forest, other Hollow like himself abundant. He would feast day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Ten years of feeding upon other hollow would see a merger. Hundreds of Hollow including himself would merge into a Menos Gillian, the natural evolution of a Hollow. Because he had already been so strong before the merging, when it was complete, the Menos Gillian formed of Zennōsha would not be the same as the other Gillian. Zennōsha would be a dominant mind within the mass. His hunger would carry him forward. He would devour the Hollow that gathered before they could begin to merge as he had. His growing strength would draw other Gillian to him, subservient to his strength. He would devour the Gillian as he would the normal Hollow.

    Three hundred years would see the presence of the Menos Gillian known as Zennōsha, eating his way through the ages. Thousands upon thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands fell to him. Gillian, normal Hollow, whatever crossed his path, he devoured. His body would change again, evolving as he outgrew the limitations of the Menos Gillian. He would become a Menos Adjuchas, his form becoming minuscule compared to that of hsi Menos Gillian form. His power, though, was so much more. He would enter the world of the living once more, continuing to feed as he felt. A new food would present itself, however. As he ate, he would be confronted by a grouping of souls calling themselves Shinigami. They fought with powers he found comparable to that of what he had known in life. He would dispatch them quickly, devouring them, adding their strength to his own.

    He would develop a taste for Shinigami, making them the target of his urgings. He would devour large numbers of beings in a relative area, drawing Shinigami to him. They came by the tens, and twenties, hoping to be able to stop him. Each time he would nearly be beaten, but each time he would find a way to come out alive, victorious, and with a large meal. One hundred and eighty six years of devouring countless Shinigami would earn him the title of Death God Slayer, as well as a visit from a Taichō class Shinigami. He would be defeated, but would escape, fleeing to Heuco Mundo, anger flaring within him as he let a meal escape.

    The next couple hundred years would be filled with feeding upon Adjuchas, Gillian, and Normal hollow alike. His thirst for power fueling him, his hunger for revenge driving his every action. He would make regular crossings over to the living world, feeding on those there, in order to maintain the attention of the Shinigami, in hopes of meeting with the Taichō once more. Thrice they would meet during the span of the couple hundred years, and thrice Zennōsha would lose, each time escaping just before a death blow would be dealt. He would eat, and eat, strengthening himself with each soul he devoured, until a fourth excursion into the human world, and a fourth meeting between Zennōsha and the Taichō. This meeting would see a swift defeat, the Taichō falling to his knees at the wrath of Zennōsha. Devouring the Shinigami Taichō, Zennōsha would return to Heuco Mundo, his last known location.

    Upon becoming a Vasto Lorde, he would change his name- and seek to further his growth. He would grow rapidly, reaching his maximum potential within three short years. Unsatisfied, he traveled to Las Noches, and

    RP SAMPLE //

    "Eh?" Kitaro said, poking at the child. They were so tiny, how could she see him?

    The vein on the blue eyed girl's forhead throbbed as her eyes narrowed. She glared up at the much taller man. Both had thin figures, but he was lanky and she was... Well, she almost seemed graceful.

    "How d'ya see me?" Kitaro questioned curiously, leaning back on the wall behind him. "Geez, what, do all ya humans see us now? Eh?"

    He poked the fuming girl again, curious to see if she would actually respond. Well, he got a response. It just wasn't one that he wanted. He got a shoe to the face, and then the girl slammed her window shut, right on Kitaro's finger. "OW!"

    He glared at the girl through the window for all of three seconds before he finally just gave up and stopped trying. He began to walk away, fuming at the girl who had just crushed his finger in the window. As he left he muttered, "Friggin' humans.

    F A C E C L A I M //

    GAME/SERIES | Black Blood Brothers
    Name | Zelman Clock


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