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    Joyd 'Rust' Edreihn


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    Joyd 'Rust' Edreihn Empty Joyd 'Rust' Edreihn

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    H U M A N
    'Rust' Edreihn
    Joyd 'Rust' Edreihn TykiMikk

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
    Hello my name is . Do the math - I've been alive for (Age in letters here)yearsand I have been Rping for (number of years/months in letters). I heard of this site from (insert here) Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ YIM, AIM, MSN, PM

    B A S I C S //
    Laying down the bricks //

    Nickname/s | Rust
    DOB | June 26, 1984
    Age | 26
    Sexuality | Male, Heterosexual
    Ethnicity | Portugeuse
    Occupation | Conman
    Loyalty | Himself and only himself

    Proof of who I am //

    Spiritual Power | Power Development Stage 1 Appearance: Joyd 'Rust' Edreihn Tease_Avatar_by_abcdefghijkL0L The first display of his abilities is the creation of small butterfly-like beings made from his reishi. Their patterns are apt to change, but are usually very dark in color.
    Power Development Stage 1 Abilities: Once created, these butterflies behave just like regular butterflies. The only difference is he has direct control over them if he so chooses it, and can cause them to detonate. The explosion is in direct corralation to the amount of reishi he put into the attack. These butterfly can communicate with Rust, and he is capable of using them to acquire information. If he gives them enough energy, they can even speak to other people.
    Weapons | None

    Further than just the skin //

    Height | 6'4''
    Weight | 154 lbs
    Hair color & Style | Dark Black, Longish, Slicked back/in a ponytail
    Eye color | Yellow
    Overall Appearance | Standing tall with wide shoulders and dense muscles, Rust cuts quite the imposing figure. He has dark skin, though not quite black, which matche the dark tuxedo-like suit he normally wears that let's him blend in with the darkness as simple as one could wish, which may be pertinent to one whom cons for a living. His long black hair is very lustrous and thick, which he usually keeps slicked back and tied behind his head in a ponytail. Lacing his forehead just under his hairline is a series of cross-like patterns which he dubs his "Stigma", and appeared after he first unlocked his abilities.

    Sharp yellow eyes cast out from his moderate brow, usually trimmed nicely. In fact, Rust is very well kept; his nails trimmed, always clean-shaven, and very rarely without a smile etched upon his face, he is the perfect salesman. A tophat usually sits on his head, though he can occasionally be seen without it. To his wrists is a pair of lavish white gloves, always kept perfectly spotless and clean. There is a small scar on his left hand, and in his left ear he wears a very small red/orange stud.

    Understand the invisible //

    Favorite Color | Purple

    Likes |

      One § Explain | Scamming money
      Two § Explain | Concluding his Obsessions
      Three § Explain | Winning
      Four § Explain | Getting Paid

    Dislikes |

      One § Explain | Being Cheated (Ironic for a scam-artist)
      Two § Explain | Losing
      Three § Explain | Getting his Gloves Dirty
      Four § Explain | Losing

    Flaws |

      One § Explain | He's incredibly selfish
      Two § Explain | Although he has money most of the time, he's actually quite poor.

    Habits |

      One § Explain | Shuffling Cards
      Two § Explain | Scamming People

    Fears | Being Killed, Being Arrested,
    Goals | To have an easy life, to be as rich as possible
    Overall Personality |

    Above anything else, Rust is one sly motherfucker. He uses sleight of hand in every aspect he can to get what he wants. If this means he speaks in a round-about fashion to get information he wants (such as using Reverse Psychology) then so be it.

    When Rust decides he wants something, nothing will stop him from gaining it. His determination can ignite and quench suns if he so chose it. He will search for years upon years upon millenia to find and attain what his heart desires.

    There are no arguments in Rust's life. He will simply do what he has to in order to prevent a conflict. If a fight arises, he will not hold back (of course) but will have not been the one to have started it.

    Rust is a pretty cool guy. Eh uses butterflies and doesn't afraid of anything. He's the kind of guy you want at your party doing a kegstand. He always has a joke or sly remark, and is always the one to deliver that fatal burn related to your mom.

    Although he is a chill dude on the outside, Rust is only in it for himself. He won't help others unless he is getting paid in one form or another, be it money, training, or sex. It doesn't matter how, but Rust requires something in exchange for his services. He aint no charity, yo.

    HISTORY //
    Tell me a tale... //

    Birthplace | Portugal
    Mother | Noah Kamelot
    Father | Javier Edreihn
    Siblings | Nope
    Other Relations | Jose
    Companion | Nope
    Overall history | On a rainy night in a small village west of Portugal, a young'un was born a secret to only one person -- The father. The mother died during childbirth, leaving Javier the only one to know of Joyd's birth. Wrapping him in a cloth, he burst from the church the birthing process was performed in, leaving the corpse of his mother behind, and the two fled. Javier carried Joyd until he couldn't move anymore, and than he dropped. In front of a simple house, Joyd wailed. He was just a baby, and the harsh rain was pounding down on his frail form. A light flicked on, and the house-owners ran outside, finding him lying in the gutter on top of his father's corpse. It was later revealed his mother stabbed his father for getting her pregnant in the first place. She was quite an emotional wreck.

    Growing up in the household, Joyd was not aware that the one raising him had a very high amount of spiritual pressure. In fact, the superhuman was the protector of Portugal - Jose. Because of this presence as he grew older, his own reiatsu was sparked into existence, and he was gradually learning to See. His eyes opened a little wider every year, and it wouldn't be long before it was not only ghosts he was seeing. In fact, he saw his first hollow when he was 11 years old.

    He had been accompanying Jose to the park when a hollow attacked. There was no choice, Jose had to kill it. Unbestknown to Jose, Joyd could see the hollow. The combined spiritual pressure from both the hollow and his Father (Joyd still wasn't aware that he was adopted) was enough to fully awaken his potential in seeing everything. Although Jose held the hollow off, it was simply too powerful. It wasn't long before a shinigami appeared. The hell butterfly that arrived with it sparked an interest in Joyd, and while the two heroes conversed, he captured it. Studying it, he wasn't aware of the annoyance that he was, and the creature bit him. This event would lead to how his powers developed.

    Jose never affirmed these events. He brushed off all questions about it, and disregarded it completely. As far as Jose was concerned, it had never happened. Through the years, he almost convinced Joyd that it was all a vivid daydream or hallucination. Almost. The one thing that kept his resolve strong was the scar from the butterfly's bite on his hand. It reminded him of what happened. As he grew a few years older, he was slowly becoming obsessed with finding out what happened. Every echo in the dark, every footstep behind him, every strange shadow in an obstacle-less plain was a clue. He needed to find out what had happened.

    Finally, another hollow had shown up. At 17, he was ready for it this time. Just to make sure, he pinched himself. Nope, it wasn't a dream. Trying to be an asset of Jose's, he attempted to attack the hollow. It was a mistake. He was immediately grabbed and thrown back, breaking his arm. As he lay wounded, the hollow advanced upon him. Thankfully, Jose was strong enough this time, and destroyed the hollow, shattering it in an infintismle amount of black particles. Although his right arm was broken in three places, the bite mark on his left hand hurt the most.

    This time, Jose couldn't deny anything. It was time to tell him what had happened. He sat down and explained to him only the bare bones of what he needed to know (what a hollow was and how he killed it). Leaving him to contemplate it, his hand burned once more at the mere thought of a hollow. Looking down, he noticed he was glowing with a blue-purple color. Fixated on the bite mark, he remembered the butterfly. Remembering every detail he could about the butterfly, his eyes were closed tightly in concentration.

    A fluttering awoke him from his dream-like state. Looking down, he saw a purple butterfly, lean and thin, standing on his hand. The wings opened and closed slowly, as if waiting for an order. Losing his concentration, the butterfly began fading away. Panicing, he reached his hand out towards it, but it was too late. It had disappeared. He needed to speak with someone about this.

    Finding Jose, he explained to him the situation. The old man sighed. It was too late, he had no hope to keep him normal now. Telling him to wait two days, Jose left. He up and disappeared, driving away into the night. For two days and two nights Joyd was left to stew in his thoughts. When Jose returned, he had with him a large book. It contained everything he needed to know about everything supernatural. Giving it to Joyd, he left again for a week. Joyd spent that week studying everything he needed to know about Hollow, Shinigami, Quincy, Vizards, etc and how to Evoke and Invocate his own abilities. Upon Jose's return, the two worked together to sort out his abilities and the exact implications he could use it with.

    And now he is a member of the secret society that is the Hi-Spec. Traveling everywhere, he hunts Hollows and whatever else he can, simply for the joy of it. Or rather, the joy of being paid. Rust is the perfect mercenary, and will take on any job for the right price.

    RP SAMPLE //
    Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Thin strips of tough paper flit through the air between two dark-skinned hands, falling in perfect order for his gain. The shuffling man stood behind a large table, and waited for any passerby's to approach him. "Come to me one and all, The show is about to begin! Step right up ladies and Gentlemen, it's going to be a wonderful spectacle!" He called to the crowd, a glint of mischief in his eyes. As a crowd approached, a single black butterfly floated in the air above where the crowd would casually look.

    "Guess the card and win a prize! Only 2 Dollars a pop!" Behind him, a row of stuffed animals lined a shelf. The dark alley he stood in front was blocked off by a large poster of Joyd 'Rust' Edreihn, and proclaimed of his magician-like skill. Several more butterflies clung to the poster, awaiting instruction. One passerby approached the table, and the game soon begun. Passing him the deck of cards, Rust told him to shuffle and pick a card, any card. The dark butterfly that had been floating above landed on his head lightly, he would not feel it.

    As soon as the card had been picked, Rust felt the presence of a being down the road. It was quite powerful. The scars on his left hand from a Hell Butterfly bite burned slightly, but it was of no matter. After reshuffling the deck, Rust looked the man in the eye. His gaze barely flickered to the butterfly on his head, which kicked off of his head and flew onto Rust's oustretched hand. The crowd 'oohed' at the butterfly, for it was truly beautiful. "The card you chose was the 9 of Clubs!" He proclaimed suddenly, launching the butterfly into the air. It flapped for a moment or two, the light wings rippling over calm air currents, before joining it's brethren on the large poster.

    Sighing in defeat the man nodded before turning away, a fresh two dollars on the table. "Who's next?" He asked the crowd with a smirk as two butterflies unattached themselves from the group. The first flew above the crowd nonchalantly. It would be his money-maker. The second flew towards the presence of the reiatsu. It would be his scout.

    F A C E C L A I M //

    [/size] GAME/SERIES | D.Gray-Man
    [/size] Name | Tyki Mikk


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    You're good. I stamped my recommendation for approval.

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