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    Artimana Ayuda, Trecera Espada and Trickster of Hueco Mundo


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    Artimana Ayuda, Trecera Espada and Trickster of Hueco Mundo Empty Artimana Ayuda, Trecera Espada and Trickster of Hueco Mundo

    Post  uhcm on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:22 pm

    A R R A N C A R
    ”Ruby” Ayuda
    Artimana Ayuda, Trecera Espada and Trickster of Hueco Mundo Littlemissruby
    T R E C E R A ( D D )

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
    Hello my name is uhcm. Do the math - I've been alive for twenty-two years and I have been Role-Playing for over two years. I heard of this site from Taicho, the Head Admin Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ Skype, PM

    B A S I C S //
    Laying down the bricks //

    Nickname/s | Ruby, Arti, Red,
    DOB Unknown
    Age | Above 300 (while younger than Emerald)
    Sexuality | Bisexual
    Ethnicity | Unknown (apparently Caucasian)
    Occupation | Espada
    Loyalty | Her Senior Espada, Emerald

    Proof of who I am //

    Core ability |
    Aura Cero : Colored blood red and often mistaken for the vision of a bloodbath, Artimana’s cero attack is very widespread (possibly 325 degree wide; think of pacman and the opened mouth is the no-reach area) and usually comes out subtle at first, but instead of dissipating at the instant it made impact, it lingers throughout the battlefield that was affected. Being a trickster, Artimana’s cero attack was outfitted to overwhelm her opponents by syncing with her spiritual pressure while she frequently changes them. First stage of the cero started off with the sight of blood coating the whole battlefield while everyone (including Artimana) are seen to be as coated in blood as the surrounding, making it hard to psychologically endure. Second stage was the changing in spiritual pressure as Artimana recovered from the use of her cero and regained her ability to adjust her spiritual pressure, making everyone affected likely subjects of confusion, daze, fear and the worst of all, mental collapse. Final stage is when the blood disappears and everyone, including Artimana became numb, unable to notice their injuries until after the numbing wears off. Due to the attack that taxes on Artimana’s reiatsu, Artimana considered her attack to be a “one day attempt” as she knows the using it the second time will make her very vulnerable as the third time will be her last resort. The way she released this oppressive cero is to cut her right hand with her zanpakuto while she charges her cero from her mouth. Instead of launching it, she grabbed her cero with her right hand, infusing her right hand with her own cero before releasing it with a swift and wide slash motion.
    Forum Style
    First Stage: 1 post after use | Second Stage: 4 posts after First Stage | Third Stage: 5 posts after Second Stage.
    First Time: One Use Per Thread
    Second Time: 10 Posts Exhaustion and Two Threads After Use
    Third Time: 20 Posts Immobility and Five Threads After Use (If she survived from being immobile)
    Sonido Master : Artimana was identifiable for her outstanding maneuvering capability even when at the speed of a flash step specialist, allowing her to change directions during Sonido and add unpredictability to her tactics. Although she can fly, she is can also use Sonido to elude detection by running on foot. The only times when she cannot use Sonido is when she just used her cero attack more than once (third time definitely equate to being impossible for her to use Sonido due to extreme exhaustion)
    Blade-Dancer : Though she rarely uses her sword technique, Artimana’s swordsmanship involved two zanpakutos and both of them take form of rapiers, Traversura and Problemas. Because her fighting style involved a great deal of balance and flow, she named the technique in reference to her “dancing” while making it hard for unwary opponents to block two thrusts at once or the unpredictable thrusts after some slashes. Her two zanpakuto represented her capability to enter Segunda Etapa.
    Tactical Prodigy : Although she does not have any talent in Hierro, she made it up with being able to improvise quickly and avoid taking in too much damage. Often times when carrying out direct works, she would send her Fraccions to do her bidding while giving them specific plans to follow whenever they faced oppositions. Since all of her Fraccions can handle themselves during the Fort Andrew incident in Rhode Island, United States, Artimana demonstrated that she is likely to cripple virtually any foe without having to be directly involved.
    Master Trickster : Despite lying was her very rare trait, she is able to trick people by telling the truth in her view...after she sets up the incident to make her potential lie into her potential truth. She have two trademarks for being the only Espada to rely on inventions and to cause psychological damages by using reasoning within the mysterious parts of thinking like reasons for existences and her favorite, relationships. Confronting her without any tactic as to how to resist her tricks would prove disastrous since it is possible that she is performing the psychological harm from somewhere else.
    Garganta: This allows her to leave and reenter Hueco Mundo However, if she used her cero attack more than once, it is unlikely that she will use it to escape when in the Real World. Of the two times she used Garganta to escape, never once she used it to escape Hueco Mundo into the Real World.

    Resurrección Appearance |
    Artimana Ayuda, Trecera Espada and Trickster of Hueco Mundo Bleach___Millo_release_by_BishouHunter
    Call out phrase | “Deceive, Travesura.”
    Resurreccion ability |
    Ilusoria Dientes : (Illusionary Tooth) Artimana’s single rapier, Problemas glows brightly as she stabs her victim. The damage was psychological as well as physical with no wounds, instead the victim’s muscles contract around the spot(s) of penetration, causing a phantom pain that renders her enemy unable to fight as effectively as before the stab. Eventually, the pain subsides if the victim learned that stab was a trick, but not all would recover quickly.

    Segunda Etapa

    Segunda Etapa Appearance | Artimana’s second form and the rarest stage she can achieve. Problemas was her zanpakuto that hid the other half of her Segunda Etapa. Being a Vasto Lorde before becoming an Arrancar, Artimana grew a foot taller while taking the appearance of a humanoid fox form. At this point, Artimana is willing to risk her existence for her intention to be completed.
    With white and red fur all over, she becomes more fearsome as her speed and razor sharp (able to cut through high level Hierro) claws and virtually absent of spiritual pressure, making her very effective as an assassin. Many of the Fraccion rumored her second stage that when it comes to it, no Arrancar is safe if they are being preyed upon. Since it is too rare to make it confirmed, that rumor died out as Artimana never used her Resurreccion.
    Call out phrase | “Complicate, Problemas.”
    Segunda Etapa ability | Baiseirei : (White Soul) A fabled ability that Artimana boasted about it being the reason she can take on Eligius. Its purpose was unknown in reality, but the only clue about it was given to Emerald alone, “After I’m gone, the marked must look to the West upon the rising sun. This will be the trick of the century.”

    Further than just the skin //

    Height | 5’0” (6’0”) (7’0”)
    Weight | 111lbs.
    Hair color & Style | Deep red, tamed long hair.
    Eye color | Amber
    Overall Appearance |
    Artimana Ayuda, Trecera Espada and Trickster of Hueco Mundo Littlemissruby

    Understand the invisible //

    Favorite Color | White (All of her outfits are white with black trims as evidences)
    Red (The reason that her Cero did not affect her at all except for the numbing part.)
    Likes |

      One § Emerald : Her senior Espada and the great friend that she adores the most.
      Two § Fraccion : She adores her own Fraccion and often defends them when they are in deep trouble. At the same time, her Fraccion returned the care by being by her side when they are not doing anything and even train with each other for the purpose of being her best Fraccion.
      Three § Manga/Anime : Although she was once a Vasto Lorde before becoming an Espada, she still has a piece of childish desires and curiosity that gets her into reading mangas and animated shows. Her room was seen as a den with mangas piling up and her Fraccion can be seen reading or watching with her.
      Four § Music : Any form of music intrigues or even excites her whenever she heard it. Often times, her room was the most recognizable because her music would be heard from down the hallways, but it is always subtle, so it would not bother Emerald. The other way is that Artimana also owns (or stole from the Real World) a fully functional piano, showing off her preference for classical style of music. Frequently, she just plays tunes familiar in animes and games.

    Dislikes |

      One § Eligius : Her primary reason is that he is high and mighty, which often irritates her to the point of thinking of him as pitiful.
      Two § People With No Fear : These kind of people are her deterrent because they are too boring for her to even try to play a prank again upon.
      Three § Unnecessary Interruption : Her leer is enough evidence to show how much she detests being interrupted during her breaks and play times.
      Four § Being Called, “Jester” : She gets real “energetic” (in a negative sense) about being called a court fool when she made it clear that there is a thick line between jesters and tricksters. Tricksters do the dirty work for the thrills while Jesters do nothing but entertain the public for nothing.

    Flaws |

      One § Troublemaker : She is likely to get tempted to pulls some pranks and get too into her ways, so she would get carried away and needed something she feared or a “nudge” (aka being dragged away.)
      Two § Questionable Loyalty : Even though she is part of the Espada, she is willing to attack or play pranks on another Espada while showing obedience, making her a likely suspect when betrayal was brought up.

    Habits |

      One § Hanging out with Emerald :
      Two § Pranks : She has a knack of performing pranks upon other Arrancars and Humans, despite her tendency of eluding their wrath.

    Aspect of Death | Mischief
    Fears |
    Heiseirei The Black Soul : She definitely believed in a forgotten tale about a half-breed of a Vasto-Lorde and Shinigami that can kill anything through accidents and predicted death vision. It could be possible that Artimana encountered him and survived before.
    Dogs : She absolutely fears dogs, a single bark can make her want to leave as fast as she could while the sight of it can make her as pale as her white uniform.
    Death : She died before and she hated the thought of being in a painful situation, only to be abandoned by the pain that kept her company. She even went pale when someone tries to describe what death is like to her.
    Goals |
    Make Emerald the Primera : To Artimana, Emerald is leadership quality while Eligius is one of these people she does not like. So she thought it would be easier to have Eligius overthrown, but the problem is that she is not powerful enough to take him on, so she seeks for aid.
    Play the Perfect Prank on the Shinigami Commanding Captain : What would be better than to play a prank on the Shinigami Leader within his own Seireitei? Artimana believed it is possible.
    Overall Personality | Being a trickster has many perks as she was less likely bored them all. Being the Trecera Espada marked her as the third or fourth strongest of the ten. Nevertheless, her strength lies within her tactics, agility and her skill with two rapiers. Blatantly, she has a knack for trouble and enjoyed toying with her enemies in three ways, physical, para-physical and meta-physical from behind the scene while her Fraccion do the direct work like planting evidences and more.
    Artimana occasionally goes into the Real World to cause mayhem...only to comically return into Emerald’s room, pale as a ghost and gibbering about a stupid mutt. When she is in Las Noches, she can be seen walking with Emerald, in her room or playing tricks on the members of the Espada (even Eligius, her favorite target.) Whenever she is in her room, she and her Fraccion usually sit in front of a very big TV that she and her crew stole to watch anime, read mangas or enjoying music (especially the ones played by Artimana on the piano.) It remains advisable to keep on toes when combating Artimana as she usually randomize her tactics and even mix some of her attempts into one barrage of inevitable infliction.

    HISTORY //
    Tell me a tale... //
    NOTE: Must include human death, hollow life, and transformation into Arrancar.
    Birthplace | England (according to her accent)
    Mother | Unknown
    Father | Unknown
    Siblings | Unknown
    Other Relations | Unknown
    Companion | Emerald (Best Friend/Senior Espada Member)
    Overall history | During her childhood, she was an unruly child who disobeyed her parents and caused trouble to her village by pranks, traps and thievery. School was not available to her as education was reserved for the nobles while she was stuck with priests and passing monks. Often times, she was dragged into the church as her captors believed that she was possessed by an imp since no child can climb onto buildings and eluding sight like she does. Eventually, a passing merchant came and set a trap for her, promising the village that she will trouble them no more after he catches her. The trap worked...too well as the noose was opened too wide and caught her throat. By the force the lift, snap! The trickster would bother the village no more upon her accidental death by hanging and a broken neck.
    As retribution came upon her fate, a hollow came and claimed her as no Shinigami was around to help her, no angels to grant her intervention. She became a Hollow within the Menos Forest of Hueco Mundo. For long years, she forced her will to survive to great bounds and eventually became an Adjuchas by devouring the Menos and other Adjuchas. After two-hundred years of hunting and feasting through her outstanding talents in luring preys and causing confusion to groups, she became what she believed to be destined for, a Vasto Lorde, the being perfected for what they truly can do and now she is one of them who can be no match for those who wish to put her in a leash...until she met a promise for greater power...the way to become stronger.
    “And I thought I was free...” thought Artimana, the Trickster Espada as she became one of the top four Arrancars in Las Noches. She learned that she is never truly free as she was restricted to listen to her superiors, Emerald and Eligius. However, it was Emerald who introduced her to the new world that she once left. She saw London, she saw France, and fortunately be able to play tricks on the world leaders during their meeting in the United Nations. Now in her prime, she hangs around with Emerald while showing her a lot of pranks she has done to the Arrancars and the people in the Real World.
    [center]“I am Artimana Ayuda, The Third Espada and Trickster of Hueco Mundo. Ruby, Red or Arti if you preferred.”

    RP SAMPLE //
    Artimana looks around in a lone room with a human girl in a pink gown standing by the window, watching the passive moon. It was a mystery as to why she was kept there, yet she could hardly care since she is a volunteered assisting caretaker of the girl while she was a pet. Artimana stepped back and allowed her Fraccion to push a cart of food into the room before following it in. The ruttering and squeaking of the casters made the girl looked and there, Artimana’s eyes looked upon the girl’s emerald eyes.
    (Arti’s Thought) ”No wonder Emerald took a liking for her...what makes her love something than to paint it green. Paint a door green and she’ll love it if she hasn’t tackled it yet!”
    (Girl) “Who are you?”
    Artimana noticed a sheepish whispering in her tone, showing fear and helplessness. Artimana lowered her head to look at her feet and caress her broken hollow mask, trying to think of something that would not make it awkward. It is very rare that she ever spoken to a human before, nevertheless seen a human in Las Noches, so the situation was new to Artimana as the place was new to the girl as Artimana thought.
    (Artimana) “I am Third Espada, Artimana Ayuda. Don’t wo-”
    (Girl) “Ruby! ... Emerald told me about you and mentioned that you would not hurt me.”
    The girl’s reaction caught Artimana off guard a bit as she did not expect her to easily call her by her nickname. Artimana regains her composure while the girl clears her throat and told her about what Emerald told the girl. Artimana clears her throat and show the girl the food that her Fraccion cooked for her and the girl.
    (Artimana) “The food are for you, however they made it too plentiful, so I have no choice but to join you.”
    (Girl) “I’m not hungry...I’ll die soon anyway.”
    (Artimana’s Thought) “Idiot.”
    (Artimana) “Emerald wants you alive and I am here to make sure of that. I’ll remain in this room until have your supper. Maybe we’ll talk.”

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