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    H U M A N
    D. Serailius

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
    Hello my name is J. Leave it at that for now. (Insert here). I've been alive for XX years. Again, leave it at that, please. I have been Rping for not even one year . I heard of this site from Len. Good ole` Len. (insert here) Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ YIM, AIM, MSN, PM

    B A S I C S //
    Laying down the bricks //

    Nickname/s | Adi G, Or Jack
    DOB |August 9th, 1986
    Age | 27
    Sexuality | Male. Looking for young females. Pastor's daughters especially.
    Ethnicity | Heavily Mixed Mutt
    Occupation | Elite Soldier, KNIGHT Unit. More details on that later.
    Loyalty | Humanity, and free will.

    Proof of who I am //

    Spiritual Power |
    The ever powerful yet common ability to bend and manipulate Spiritual Energies, such as Ki, Chi, Mana, and many other forms of power. Basically, this allows for techniques such as Kidou Weaponization, which Adi favors oh so very much. This allows Adi to fire off energy waves with his sword, shoot massive blasts with his guns, or simply use it to augment his body allowing him to flash step, shatter small boulders, block otherwise painful things, and use magical items and talismans. Because of this, Adi can use his sword's special abilities, which are described in the following "Modes" and "Special Skills".

    Spiritual Shamanism - Adi can speak to ancient and even recently passed spirits at will, and if need be, control them, or let himself be imersed with their knowledge for personal gain (Sounds bad I know, but most of the time it involves opening a door or solving a puzzle, things of that nature). There have also been times when using such an ability Adi has learned a new skill should the spirit be kind enough to give it to him. On the other hand, the spirits can also turn on him, or betray him, or outrigh ignore him and leave him to die.

    The Arbiter's Prism.
    This set of powers allows Adi to use the powers of his sword, The Arbiter. For more information regarding this, look up the History segment. The main ability, or abilities in this case, is that Adi can tap into the 5 jewls in the hilt and pommel of his sword. Each one houses a different soul belonging to a Master Elemental User of his order that went rogue, and turned against the world. When Adi taps into the energy of their soul, he can borrow their element and use it in battle. However, due to the nature of the magicks being used, Adi cannot use their full power, or else he will burn out his own energies and be taken over by the souls he is using. That there is the downside to using this ability: Gain enhancements from the elements for ones own power, but be controlled by the souls in question if taken too far.

    As such, the usage of the elements remains limited, and is kept to the basics of "Bending". For fire, Adi can enhance his sword to become emblazened, or shoot fireballs from his Peace Maker or Shotgun, in addition to using fire as a basic weapon. For water he can freeze small bits of water at a time or shoot orbs of frost at opponents that temporarily freeze and/or slow down his opponents, which lasts 3 posts. Earth allows him to toss around boulders and create a shield from solid rock, which helps a hell of alot more in combat then many realize. And lastly wind allows him to mov much much faster than before without the need of flash stepping, and allows him the ability to use "Chain Punches", the Wing Chung attack that can lay 100 punches in the span of a second.

    Just to clalrify, Chain Punches is a concept within Wing Chung that theorizes when you punch someone so fast and fiercely, even if they have a shield or armor, or are blocking the attacks, the rapid fire attack will be so powerful that it shakes them to their very core, throwing them off balance and lowering their defense.

    The Arbiter's Will.
    The fifth and final stone, the one that lies within the hilt of Adi's sword, holds the very soul of Arahmis himself, the man who locked away the Four Elemental Shadows and in his own death had to be put into the weapon to make sure they stayed there. When Adi taps into the powers of Arahmis, he gains the ability to control the elements of Light and Shadow, allowing him to use all four elements and his own powers to a maximum degree of skill, but only for so long, or else the sword will exhaust it's own power and actually end up freeing all five souls. The timer on this is 5 posts, clearly seen as one for each soul.

    For Fire, Adi can use lightning, and use White Fire, the hottest fire around.
    For Earth, Sand Manipulation and Metal Bending are available to him now.
    For Water, Pulling water right from the air is availble, as well as creating mass fields of frost and ice to encase and slow down opponents. In addition, revival of a downed ally is also capable, but is possible only once per thread or 50 posts, for those extra long ones that expand for days and months.
    For Wind, Flight is now possible, as well as even faster speed and the ability to blow wind gusts plenty powerful enough to blow over large boulders.

    Weapons |
    The Arbiter - The sword that belongs to Adi's family line. The blade is what's known as an Ethereal Planes Walker, meaning that it changes form depending on what world/realm Adi happens to be in, and the sword also changed form based on it's user. When it was first created by Adi's ancestor Arahmis, it was a Greatsword. Now it's a rather basic but well designed love child between a typical Arming Sword and a Jian, with a slight curve to it.

    Arbiter's Aegis - Using the power of the Arbiter, Adi can use a small portion of the blade's power to create a very powerful barrier that resembles a shield. And is used just like one. Covers only what is displayed, and can only block so much before breaking and going on cooldown.

    The Peace Maker - Adi's weapon of choice in a bar-room shootout or back alley hit job, or just good old fashioned executions. It's a modified, solid barreled Colt .45 Peace Maker, and is capable of firing Kidou backed blasts. When used with bullets, the blasts become much stronger.

    Mr. Boomy - Adi's choice for finishing off bigger targets and "getting serious" as many would say. Fires massive blasts of energy that devastate anything stupid enough to get hit, and Adi knows how to "mold" the blasts into different forms, such as the Scatter Shot, which sends out a short range blast of white hot energy pellets that latch on and burn through targets. Viciously. Can also be imbued with the elements for additional effects.

    Mechanical Arm - Adi's left arm is a mechanical one, as it was blown off when he was a teenager during a training session for him to pass into manhood. Needless to say it went wrong, and he wasn't supposed to get that badly fucked up, but hey, it left him with an arm that acts like a grapple hook now!

    Further than just the skin //

    Height | 6'5"
    Weight | You don't ask a woma- err Man that! But it's 300lbs, flat. Hes a bit of a biggun.
    Hair color & Style | Disheveled and very, very dark midnight blue, often mistaken for black. Little shaggy from afar.
    Eye color | Right Eye - Brown Left Eye - Azure Blue
    Overall Appearance | Adi stands at about 6'5 and wears a very odd and unique outfit, and you seriously can't miss this guy. I mean, he wears a cowboy's duster thats in shambles, and has old bits of armor mixed into it, like dark ages armor, chest and shoulders to be exact, with iron knee pads and fingerless gloves backed by steel plates. He wears his sword and shotgun on his back, and keeps his pistol on his right hip and thigh via a specially made holster. He bears the insignia of Knight Captain on his left shoulder, signifying that he fights for the Order of The Emperor Lotus Dragons, and is one of their top ten field warriors, the only two holding rank above his group would be the Knight General and Knight Mother.

    His face is beset by battle scars, the most notable is his left eye, which was gutted by a demon in his past, and left him with an artificial eye which allows him advanced eye sight.

    Understand the invisible //

    Favorite Color | Might sound a tad gay, but he likes all colors, like a rainbow! I double rainbow even! DOUBLE RAINBOW!

    Likes |

      One § A good fight - Simple really; warriors love to fight. Whatever their reason is, all warriors, of all places, love a good clean fight.
      Two § Drinking. In fact, he can actually shoot straighter while drunk. Sad, right?
      Three § Music. He loves music, and can even play guitar! Especially Spanish Guitar!
      Four § You.

    Dislikes |

      One § Daemons.
      Two § Evil people and their souls.
      Three § Spiders.
      Four § You.

    Flaws |

      One § Hates to make decisions.
      Two § Has terribad memory

    Habits |

      One § Drinks and likes to loosen up and party when he can.
      Two § Smart ass

    Fears | No real failure. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. So for him, fear is but a joke and an obstacle to be overcome.
    Goals |To set shit straight. His whole life of retirement was just thrown around like it was a damn game of Jenga. And Adi ain't having that shit. He wants to fix what's broken, and find his family if he can.
    Overall Personality | Adi is a Gun For Hire, a Mercenary, a Cowboy, a Pirate, a Transporter, a Retriever. Whatever the hell your money will say he is, except for child killer and assassin. He is a rough and brutally honest son of a bitch from New Jersey, and has extensive combat training thanks to his background, which will be told later, but the point is it makes him strong willed and hard to break, and very hard to emotionally move during battle. On the flipside, he's very calm, cool collected and gentle, and for whatever odd reasons kids love him. He also has a small "disability": Pastor's daughter's seem to be attracted to him like flies to honey. He doesn't even know why, but it just happens, guy walks into a church, pastor says hi, and the pastors daughter is trying to go down on him faster then a nubile drunk girl during Mardi Gras. Aside from that Adi is ruthless at his merc work, but gentle when off duty, and will do anything it takes to get his job done, be it taking down an enemy fortress, or making sure the girl he just had a good night with doesn't try to kill him the next morning.

    However, he also has a somewhat shy side to him, and is oddly withdrawn if he can help it. In the face of all his past achievements it's a wonder Adi is as modest as he is, but with that said, he doesn't view himself as a hero, just a man who did his job at the time. More on this in his past history segment.

    HISTORY //
    Tell me a tale... //

    Birthplace | Unknown. Really he was never told where he was born/
    Mother | Audrey "Auds" Serailius
    Father | Believed to be "Steiner" Jack Reidhart.
    Siblings | One brother, two sisters. Elder bro, elder sis, younger sis, how it goes for Adi. However, all of them share only their father, and as such, Adi differs greatly from them, but manages to retain their bloodlines strengths with little of their weaknesses.
    Other Relations | The Order Of The Emperor Lotus Dragons, Serailius Clan, Reidhart Clan.
    Companion | Adi has a few companions, the big two always being Franz and Lou, his best friends from growing up in the Lotus Order's training sessions.
    Overall history |
    Adimus was born into a proud, but humble warrior family when his mother, the famed Violet Rose Warrior, ran away from the family for awhile and came upon a man named "Steiner" Jack. The two had an affair, and thus Adi was the result. However Steiner was married and already had a family of his own, which was nobility, and thus had to leave behind his newborn son and help to raise him in secret. However, Adi's mother decided not to let it be that way, and simply went back to get family and at the tender age of 8, had Adimus commissioned into the Lotus Order, and thus he was trained for the Order's greatest role; Wielder Of The Arbiter. Before I continue however, it is important to note that the Lotus Order is not comprised of so called super humans alone, merely people that have magical or spiritual abilities. Some of it's members are masters of purely physical and melee techniques. It's a unifying order, which underlies all others in the sense that it seeks to bring and maintain balance, and aid those that safe guard free will, justice, and life itself.

    As such Adi was trained in every available known way of combat, magic, and art in the world, and when the time came, he soon found himself the inheritor to the Arbiter. However, when a member of his order becomes of age, they must undergo a ritual that suppresses their memory, until the moment that they need it to survive, or they are called on for war. For Adi, both came at once. Adi's life as a normal human was abnormal even for a regular humans standards. He was a member of an elite military group known as Taskforce Silent Knight, which was, at the time, the best damn group of warriors on the planet, and were responsible for many a thing, including starting, fighting in, and ending world war 3. However, retirement comes early for these guys, and Adi soon found himself living with a beautiful woman he had met while in France. Mia was her name, and she had beautiful silver white hair and was of french and italian descent. Yea, Adi was pleased. But alas, all good things come to an end. On his last mission, the one before his official retirement, a giant hollow made his mission go bad, and it was at this moment that his knowledge of his past training came back to him. He killed the hollow, and quickly left for home.

    Unfortunately, his home in the countryside had been destroyed, and Mia was nowhere to be found. Filled with anger and sorrow for his loss, Adi went back to his order, grabbed his heirlooms, and headed for the front lines that had been drawn by the Espada and fought fiercely until he found himself a Knight within his order. A few more key battles later, and he finds himself at the top ten ranks, Knight Captains, meant to be equaled to the Shinigami and to aid the Superhuman Overseers and Quincy Council in safeguarding humanity.

    From this point on, history has yet to be made.

    RP SAMPLE //
    "Knight Captain Adimus Serailius, you have been recently promoted to this position in an attempt to display that our Human Race is not as weak as previously percieved by our enemy! You're first mission to be carried out as a newly appointed Officer is to find out the source of the enemy, disrupt it, and if at all possible, reestablish a way for the Other Worlds to connect to ours and return to aid us. Do you accept Captain Adimus?" The Elder Councilman decreed and tasked Adimus.

    "I do accept Councilman Eldrox. Permission to request special hands for this mission sir." Adimus replied. The Councilman simply nodded and said "Permission granted Captain. Do what you must, but please do not take too many of our Knight Officers from the front lines for this. We need them to promote morale and keep the spirits of our warriors high. Good luck and God speed Knight." Said the councilmen, and soon after Adi had bowed and walked himself out of the Council Chambers, he immediately went to work putting together his squad for the task at hand. "Alright Artoo, let's get to work, Bring me up a screen of possible canidates I could use for this." Adi said to his DROID, and after a series of beeps, a holographic screen popped up with a list of profiles of various Knights to recruit from. Immediately he saw a face he recognized, and was even shocked to see. "Get the hell out! Is that...Is that Lou!? Man I had no idea he left the army and joined the order. Weird, wonder what he's doing here. And he's a knight at that.....Well if he's still as good with vehicles and explosives as he was before, he can most certainly join up with us then huh bud?" Adi said as he added Lou's name to the list of people he was going to take. "Beep! Bloop-Beep-boop-bop!" The DROID replied.

    As Adi looked through the list, he remembered an old friend from his past, and looked up a particualr Knight from France. Normally, Adi hated France and the only thing he figured that came from that country that was good was their women. However, this guy proved him wrong. He had the heart of a lion, and the tenacity of a dragon. "Ol` Franzy poo, where art thou.........." Adi said under his breathe as he looked up his old friend. He found him too, stationed outin Berlin since Paris had been burned down to the ground. "Well, guess I got the third member of my team. Three will have to do for now, anymore and it'd be too big of a group and get al noticed and stuff. Welp Artoo, guess it's time to get going!" Adi said as he grabbed up his armor and weapons and left for his big trip.

    "Hopefully this one goes alot easier than the last, eh bud?" Adi asked his DROID, which replied in it's string of beeps, and with that, they were off.

    F A C E C L A I M //

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