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    S H I N I G A M I Amaterasu MIDDLE LASTAmaterasu, The Mind God Untitl10The Mind God

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r Hello my name is Larry. Do the math - I've been alive for Fifteenyears and I have been Rping for two years. I heard of this site from Zane Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ YIM, AIM, MSN, PM

    B A S I C S //Laying down the bricks //
    Nickname/s | Mind God• DOB | March 14 •
    Age | 4281 •
    Sexuality | Bi• Ethnicity | Japanese• Occupation | Guardsman• Loyalty | Seireitei

    ABILITIES //Proof of who I am //

    Zanpakutou Zanpakutou Spirit | Kuretsai is small and nimble, moving like the wind. She has black shoulder length hair, red venomous eyes, and an attitude to match her fearful looks. Kuretsai usually wears a short grey skirt, and a medium sized jacket, as if she was in winter. Her skin is deathly pale, and her voice is small and light, like the wind, whispering in your ear.
    Her insanity and strength set him apart from everyone else. She is also known for having a strong and feirce will, known for her breaking of kido illusions with sheer willpower. She is known for her wolf like smile, much like gin was for her fox smile. She is set apart mostly by his hatred of respect without deserving it.
    Inner World | The inner world is set apart because of its strange setting. It is a romantic sunset, in a meadow, snowing, although the tempature is normal. There are many sections of this world, each representing a personality trait, even ones such as arrogance are in here.
    The serene and peaceful meadow represents a perfect mind, calm and evenly porpotioned. This is at least what Amaterasu suspects, never seeing it for just its beauty. The trees of one section or another are usually on fire, meaning he is using this trait currently.
    Sealed state | There is no blade to this weapon, it is simply a mace. It is golden and weighs close to a ton, for anyone other than the user.
    Shikai• Overall Ability | Telekinesis (TK) is the ability to move objects with the mind. This is Amaterasu's "bread and butter" skill and has numerous uses, ranging from using loose items as projectiles, slamming enemies into walls, or flying on an object being levitated (TK Surf). By applying telekinesis to swinging ball chains, discarded boxes and debris, a stable environment can soon become a lethal battleground.
    Remote Viewing (RV) gives Amaterasu a literal out-of-body experience, separating his mind from his body and enabling the player to look anywhere within a short distance unhindered by walls or doors while their real body remains motionless. The distance determines the amount of power it consumes.
    Spirit Drain (SD) is used to absorb a target's spiritual energy to replenish Amaterasu's own. So long as the target is unaware, unconscious, or dead, Amaterasu can steal their spiritual energy. This will kill the target if they are still alive at the time and the process is completed. Catching a living target standing and unaware, or at the moment they stand up after being knocked down, will restore up to fifty percent of Amaterasu's energy while causing the target's head to explode upon completion; unconscious and dead foes provide progressively lesser energy. Enemies missing a head will not yield any spiritual energy. • Release phrase | Psyke • Shikai Appearance | The appearence of the shikai is strange. It fades into nothing, litteral nothing. There appears a etheral third eye, always open, on Amaterasu's forhead.
    Bankai• Overall Ability | Along with the ones in shikai;
    Mind Control (MC) allows Amaterasu to enter another person's mind and take full control of their body. Much like RV, the drain on the player's energy is determined by distance. A controlled enemy can be used to attack other enemies or simply be made to commit suicide; enemies will promptly kill the person in question for acting as such. This is a technique that can only be used on the mentally retarded, or very weak reiatsu, close to no reaitsu. This can be used to go inside someone's inner world and trade information away from prying ears and eyes.
    Pyrokinesis (PK) allows Amaterasu to summon a wave of flame with a swing of his arm, and control it, igniting anything in its path a short distance ahead of Amaterasu. It can be used to burn foes, start chain reactions with crates and/or explosive cans, or flush out enemies from hiding spots.
    Aura View (AV) is the final power Amaterasu acquires in bankai, allowing him to see beyond the visible spectrum. This allows the player to see things such as erased messages on whiteboards, invisible items, and Reiatsu, giving him a "radar" like sight while in use.
    Release phrase| Mindfuck the world! • Bankai Appearance | Exact same as Shikai

    APPEARANCE //Further than just the skin //
    Height | 7'4 • Weight | 250 lbs • Hair color & Style | In picture • Eye color | Gray • Overall Appearance | Unlike many others, Amaterasu's appearence is athletic, for his height at least. To say this would mean that he is very muscular if he was not his height, which stretches out the muscle. Doing so allows for more flexibility, and greater control. He has a small scar on his left arm, from his time in Rukongai. He prefers to go shirtless and wear a red cloak, over dark red pants. All his clothes are made for combat, and as such they do not rip easily.

    His body is taller than average, along with being of an athletic body type, his chest and stomache muscles are very packed and thick, meaning they are harder than certian metal alloys. He is very flexible and fast with his reaction timing, due to his athletic body figure, however this does not mean he isnt strong, infact his strength is his highest attribute. His strength has been said to be close to doubling the Kenpachi's (cannon kenpachi)

    PERSONALITY //Understand the invisible //
    Favorite Color | Red. It means he craves adventure and success, not being scared to face death in the face and spit. • Likes |
      Ramen § Its a warm bowl of noodles, what is there to explain?

      Sake § The burning in the throat is rather enjoyable.

      Sex § Life is nothing without romance and pleasure.

      Formulating theorys § Who doesnt like thinking?
    Dislikes |
      One § Explain

      Two § Explain

      Three § Explain

      Four § Explain
    Flaws |
      Childishness § He acts like a child sometimes...?

      Apathy § Apathy is not a good trait for a leader, he has his own emotions, but cant help others with theirs.
    Habits |
      Sake § Look at likes.

      Sex § Look at likes.

    Fears | As his age progresses and he loses companions he has lost the ability to fear anything, even death.
    Goals | Peace for all three worlds.
    Overall Personality | With as much trouble as Hiyoku has dealt with, he has become mentally unstable, though it seems his morals are still intact, he is random and very crazy. He has many friends, and is somewhat outgoing, much prefering anything to sitting at a desk. He doesnt abuse the power he has, though he does show a distaste for respect towards those more powerful, as he beleives that respect is earned, not gained, and certianly not gained through power. He has been known to be rude to people who act arrogant, and overall everyone else as well.

    His Insane attitude is a cover up for a disturbed and depressed soul, who, in truth, never had a chance at a normal life. He is said to be like energy, covering everything, and the impression he leaves, is permanent. His very pressence can make men, even ones as powerful as him, quake with fear, not for physical reasons, but for the fact he is known to have adept knowledge of psychology, and sociology.
    HISTORY //Tell me a tale... //

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Should include a triggering memory from human life, and some of the time in the academy (to portray their strengths and ect.) If shikai is obtained, then must explain on how the voice of the zanpakutou spirit was heard, and the meeting in the 'inner world'.• Birthplace | China • Mother | Unknown • Father | Unknown • Siblings | Unknown • Other Relations | None • Companion | None as of yet. • Overall history | A child was brought before the Emporer, now normally he would have killed such a child, had he not beaten a few of his guards with nothing but a stick that looked like a sword. This intrigued the emporer and scared him at the same time. A child able to do that would either be a great ally or a terrible threat. The child had a scowl and had wolf like teeth, with short spiky red hair, wild and untamed, just like the child. He had red eyes, and looked to be dirt poor, mainly because of his clothes.
    "well you have two choices... execution" The emporer said, making the child cringe. "or you could serve me as a guard.... in the future.. I can have a man teach you" He said. For a single moment Amaterasu felt all hate wash away, he was told the emporer was a cruel and inhuman being, not someone willing to make exceptions, and he demanded perfections.
    Amaterasu seriously thought about it, maybe serving him wouldnt be so bad right? However he noticed the emporer had something strange in his voice, not hatred but something he had never felt before. Amaterasu was a very observant child and could easily tell the emporer was up to something, his choice was just made. "I'll take the second option" He smirked.
    The emporer had expected this and soon Amaterasu met a man, who had strange brown hair and wore a white outfit with strange design to it. His name was Chukya. 'What a strange name' Amaterasu thought being introduced by the emporer. It still amazed Amaterasu to see the man was different than he thought.
    And so began Amaterasu's training, Chukya was impressed that a child had that much skill but did not let it go to his head. It was rough and dangerous, but it was well worth it. Amaterasu also made friends during this time, one of which was the emporer's son, well Amaterasu was the only friend in the friendship. The emporer's son was a stuck up holier-than-thou person. He kind of liked Amaterasu, mainly cause he was a stepping stone for him. This Amaterasu noted, as he was a great phsycologist, before the art was even invented.
    (15 year skip)
    Amaterasu had advanced greatly in the last few years, he was faster and better than any of the emporer's guards. He had not ever been beaten since Chukya died, and the old emporer died with him. It was a mystery even to Amaterasu how they died, but luckily he was not blamed. He was currently discussing things with the new emporer, the old ones son.
    "are you sure that we should do this?" Amaterasu asked. The emporer nodded slowly. Amaterasu immediatly knew something was up, but didnt voice it. "alright but bring four guards with us" He said. Amaterasu was now an imposing figure that stood at an astounding 7ft. and his once short hair was longer and went to his shoulders, giving him an even more wolf like look. He now wore a black jacket, a red shirt and black pants. He had indeed changed.
    (small time skip)
    Amaterasu, The emporer and four other people were heading towards current day japan, hearing rumors that there was an island with civil people. The emporer smirked, everything was going according to his plan.
    Amaterasu however knew something was up, but he had no choice to go through with it. He felt nothing as everyone else fell over from the crash onto land, not much of a crash, just a slight jolt that made the ship unmoveable.
    They set up camp in a small forest, and rested there, while Amaterasu was up planning. He heard a noise and checked it out, but what he saw pissed him off more than anything before.
    Ten Samurai sorounded the camp, and the others were dead, except the emporer. Amaterasu immediatly grabbed his sword and stabbed one right through the neck, a quick death. He took the samurai's sword and held it in a reverse grip, finding it better than his other sword.
    Two Samurai had heard him and charged, thinking he would be an easy kill, oh how wrong they were. Amaterasu jumped above them and side flipped, while slashing, killing on of the Samurai, and kicked the other away.
    This time Eight samurai charged at him and he blocked most attacks, while taking one hit. He grabbed a blade and pulled it towards him, forsaking the blade he had before. He grabbed the Samurai's head and kneed it, causing the man to bend over, then kicked his stomache, unknowingly breaking it from the inside, causing internal bleeding and death.
    He kicked another one, but he grabbed his foot and twisted, surprised when Amaterasu reversed his reverse, by slamming his hands on the ground and doing an upside down spinning kick all around, knocking all but two back.
    He grabbed his sword and threw it at one Samurai hard. It peirced him in his eye, killing him. He punched a Samurai and broke his ribs, knocking him out. The Samurai were begining to back off now, all but one were gone now. He grabbed the last one and took his helmet off. Appearently these were not the normal samurai, but this one was, making it a fair fight, which made Amaterasu smile, although he wondered why they didnt wear chest armor.
    They bowed to each other, and Amaterasu picked up his original sword. He swung it down on the Samurai, surprised when the samurai's katana didnt break. The Samurai however felt his heels dig into the ground. He was sweating scared of this man infront of him. The emporer was shocked to see Amaterasu able to fight on this kind of level, he had definitely underestimated him.
    Finally the katana broke, and Amaterasu's sword went straight through the Samurai, splitting him in two. Amaterasu panted, he'd made his first kill today and was alright with it, knowing he'd chosen his path and they had chosen theirs.
    (week time skip)
    Amaterasu and the emporer were now in a town that doubled as a port looking for a boat to take them back to China. When they finally found one it was crappy and cheap, as both parties agreed.
    On the open sea someone charged out of the deck below, which they had been told was storage. Amaterasu's thoughts were confirmed as the emporer stood by twenty Samurai, all with armor and katanas. Amaterasu sighed in a lazy manner, before slicing an unexpecting Samurai in half. Right before that however a hole appeared in the floor, from his weights, he was surprised he hadnt fallen in but saved that for later.
    Four samurai charged him, while the others circled the emporer in a guarding way. Amaterasu narrowly dodged a blade that was close to slicing his head off. He grabbed the Samurai's arm and bent it backwards, make him scream in pain. He the snapped his neck in a quick motion. He knew he didnt have enough time to pull out his sword.
    Another samurai from the four kicked at Amaterasu. Amaterasu caught his leg and brought his elbow down on his knee, breaking it backwards as well. Amaterasu through him overboard, and picked up his katana. He threw it at the Samurai guarding the emporer, killing one samurai. He then charged at one and punched him on his nose, sending it inside his brain. He killed a few more before one of the guards came out and sliced at his heart. Amaterasu only had enough to to react by dodging to the side slightly.
    His arm fell to hte ground, and he screamed in pain. His red eyes seemed to burn. Before the samurai knew what was going on he was decapitated. Amaterasu was sorounded by samurai, but he threw the katana at the now open Emporer, saying "You lose what I do" as it chopped right through the bone of his arm, making it slowly tear off since skin couldnt hold his arm by itself. Amaterasu fell backwards off the boat and quickly tore his shirt to stop the bleeding from his arm.
    A woman named Bokino found him and healed him. He had drifted on her shore. She lived on a small island. She had long black hair and a beautiful face. She grew close to him and he, her.
    (1 year skip)
    Amaterasu was walking home one day from his new job. He was getting paid to fish, a minor skill he had developed over the years. He walked in the house only to find the walls splattered with blood. He saw his wife on the floor with a golden sword through her heart. He fell to his knees and cried for three hours. He fell asleep crying and when he woke up he was in a cell and the emporer was standing infront of him. He was knocked out again and when he awoke he found himself with a katana and the emporer infront of him with a katana.
    He slashed at him and the emporer blocked but poorly. Amaterasu stabbed him in his heart and then felt a pain in his chest, only to see his heart peirced by the emporer's katana. He the felt himself fall to hte ground and lose touch with reality.
    He was amazed as he stared at his dead body. A japanese door opened and a shinigami with brown hair walked out. Amaterasu also noticed his arm was back, but more importantly this person infront of him was Chukya, his old sensei. He was tapped on the head with the back of a katana and heard a chuckle as he faded. "well looks like soul society is getting another prodigy" Chukya said before Amaterasu faded away into soul society
    (100 years before present day)
    Amaterasu had been ever vigilant about becoming a squad eleven member, as he had seen their brutality, perfect for him, even as a soul his muscles were good, even by lower class shinigami standards. He was easily one of the best fighters in the Rukongai.
    An arrogant shinigami with something to prove had decided he would beat Amaterasu, in a fair duel, after someone he supported was beaten by Amaterasu. He had expected that Amaterasu would go down easy, however the lesser shinigami was not prepared for the sheer ammount of skill that Amaterasu had, after all he was a guard to a chinese emporer, and as such he knew how to beat stronger and faster oponents.
    As this happened the current squad eleven captain was watching, surprised that his 20th seat had been beaten so easily, by a normal soul no less. He jumped down infront of Amaterasu, after the fight, and offered him his 20th seat position. Amaterasu gladly accepted. Since that time Amaterasu has been in many fights, getting promotions along the way, until finally he became the Capatain Commander.

    RP SAMPLE //
    A stilhouette appeared in the distance, a hood over his head as the rain beat down. This figure was well known, for his raw power, as he was possibly the most powerful being in the universe, for two main reasons. His very pressence made men quake with fear. When he released his power he could crush them without second thoughts. He can be described by many words, Insane, planning, but also less well known... he was depressed.

    He had lived more years than most beings, watching as his friends and family died, even his very own wife. He had seen what caused this pain of his. It was this war of ignorance, that was what had destroyed so many lives, including his own. He had killed mercilessly as nothing more than a child. He had been to war at least four times now, and betrayed just as many. His best friends usually betrayed him. He wasnt truly an evil person, but he had more problems with his life than most others.

    The rain began to drop much softer, as if sensing that Kurokon was growing weary. His thoughts turned to suicide, but he would never do that. How could he possibly reach his ultimate goal of peace then? He had no idea what to do now. His war to cause peace had failed, possibly making everything worse. He had tried the diplomatic way, but he had failed at that too. Perhaps he was wrong, perhaps he was not the being that could stop all war and make everlasting peace. Was he still doing this for just the power? No, he didnt become corrupt like Aizen had. He would never do that.

    Though he was once friends with Aizen he would never be able to betray him like that, Aizen himself had wanted peace, but he went about it the wrong way. He had foolishly tried to make himself god, though Kurokon was now imortal, he knew he could still be beaten. He actually hoped he would be beaten, if he could be beaten it would help his ultimate plan. He was going to search for Hayami, to live back at the wharhouse, where people understood each other. He knew most wars began from misunderstandings, as did murders. He had tried to bring peace to the world and failed, just like every other great leader. Unlike them, He was still alive, he always would be.

    He stood up straight and started walking again. His feet thudded on the ground, and splashed, matching his heartbeat. He was going the normal human speed. He had almost given up hope there. No more would this happen, he would be strong. He would perserve through even the toughest times. He had no time to be weak, no time to lose his way. He would perserve... for her. He stopped as he approached a graveyard. He bowed his head down and entered. He walked a small bit until coming upon a small grave. The tombstone itself was not very noticable, the usual cross with a name inscribed, however, what was inscribed was something only Kurokon knew.

    March 14 1996, Kurohime Shikyo

    Kurokon kneeled down infront of the grave and put a white rose in the flower holster. His wife had loved those, she always said they represented the purity of the world, something that Kurokon found wiser than Da'vinci. "Hello Hime... I know its been a long time.. I'm sorry.. I havent had the time to come visit.. I hope wherever you are is a good place.. and I pray whatever being guards it will let me in... I'm still working on our dream... I was losing hope for a while but.. I think I may have found a new hope... Theres this girl.. Hayami Rentai... she could hold the key to what we've always dreamed of... I hope your safe dear... good bye.." With those words said, Kurokon removed his hood and stood up, walking out of the graveyard.

    Kurokon walked straight towards the vaizard headquarters. He still remembered where it was. He had lived there for years after all. As he walked he stopped slouching. He was getting happier, their dream might just come true. His eyes no longer glowed, they now seemed to burn through the rain, as did his dark red hair. They both represented his personality. He was glad that the darkness was gone for now. However now he had to stop the chaos and return the worlds to peace. He saw things how they were, there was no good or evil, no black or white, only shades of gray.

    His eyes represented the power inside of him. The white was the purity he held, from years of pain he had grown bitter once, but his positive personality prevealed. His very soul had changed from those experiences he had as a child, or as a teenager. The red of his eyes was the power, the original part of him. He had trained for years to earn such power as Aizen, then going from his level to Yamamoto's, and then came the blacks. While normal pupils will always be black his were gray, bright gray. This represented two things. The original black represented his darkness, his hatred, although small, it was always best to stay out of. Then the gray part, this part was the hogyoku's effect on him. He no longer cared for good or evil, only peace. His mind had been ridded of the notion of immpossibility.

    His hair was different though. His hair's spikieness showed his energetic ways, always hyper and fun, but also lazy and sleeping. He was a rubix cube with ten cubes in each row and column. The red color presented his feirceness. He was like an animal at times, unpredictable and always adapting. He had learned this from his sensei during his life. He had shown him what everything on him meant. His sensei was much like old man Yamamoto, but more leinient. He loved that about him. Their pasts both started with robbery and assault.

    Kurokon entered the wharehouse without knocking, he never had. He shook lightly to shake off some of the rain. He then went into the living area to relax. The area had a cough, a coffee table and a normal TV. Nothing special happened usually so they had to do something when not able to train. Kurokon had been here many times from his years outside of soul society. He had been injured while training to control his hollow side, however they did many other things inside his mind as well. He chuckled at the memories, knowing he was beginning to act like an old man, what would Yamamoto think?

    He turned his head and smiled lightly as he waited for someone to appear. He knew it wouldnt be long, whenever he came in, someone was about to come in and see him as well. He loved that, as he hated being alone. He was an extrovert after all. He hated the lonliness of the life he had now. He began to note his sorroundings more thouroughly. The cough was a soft blue color, and was as comfortable as could be. The Tv was simple and delicate, about twenty inches of screen. The coffee table was mahongany, and polished well. It had no rough edges, nor splinters sticking out. His cloak still his his clothes, he realized.

    He unbuttoned his cloak and let it out as if it were a cape. He had on a black pair of combat boots, black pants with ten pockets, which his clothes were so compact that even Kenpachi would have a tough time ripping them. He had a red sleeveless shirt, which seemed to have sleeves under his black rough leather jacket. He had long ago realized the need for indestructible clothing. He trained hard, and he didnt feel like going naked after a fight. His long dead Vice captain had once found him like that, which caused alot of akwardness between the two. Oh, how he missed her.

    F A C E C L A I M //
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