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    {FFA} 00: Elisa's Home from High School


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    {FFA} 00: Elisa's Home from High School Empty {FFA} 00: Elisa's Home from High School

    Post  uhcm on Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:28 pm

    Despite the eccentricity of wearing fancy clothes in the middle of a casual suburbs of her new home, Elisa's neighbors did not mind her as they all met her at the welcoming party that the landlord made for her. Elisa entered through the gate with groceries of cheap convenience food that she can manage to cook for herself and stay frugal with her spending...after all, her mother gave her limited funds to keep her location a secret from the possible French agents that Elisa was warned about by her landlord. After entering through the gateway, she was warmly greeted by the landlord and his young son. Although it is normal for the young boy to go and help the tenants with cleaning and groceries, Elisa often insisted in carrying her own groceries, which was funny to the landlord to see a nice lady insisted about not getting help. Try as her might, Elisa find it futile to convince the nice kid to stop helping her; besides, she likes the boy like a little brother instead of Oliver, her thuggish older brother. The boy obviously took the biggest bag that was not heavy at all, it is just two bags of cheap rice while the other bag was carrying a cup of instant ramen, a small box of powdered green tea, a small bag of candy (for the young boy) from Urahara's Shop and a bottle of vegetable oil. Drinks are easy for her to find since the vending machine can take a five yen coin.

    After getting to her room, she let the young boy enjoy the warmth of the kotatsu and his reward of a small bag of candy. Kindly, Elisa enjoyed the conversation with the boy since she can speak and understand Japanese now. One moment, the boy made a funny joke about a boy in her school, calling him, "a baby" for acting so tough in a failed attempt to impress Elisa. The boy knew that Elisa is not a violent type and was more into the working men instead of the fighters. The boy left to return to work with his father while Elisa puts away her groceries away in her small kitchen. For a moment, Elisa frowned to be self-reminded that since she will eventually inherit the whole family as the Head, she will have to marry a guy who holds a promising role in the future of the Alice Family. With that in mind, she tightened her grasp around the empty plastic bag before loosening them. She was not frustrated, she was afraid of meeting that boy who would kill her like how it happens before she became someone she wished to have told her mother about. A tear drop formed in her right eye and drawn a line down her smooth cheek. She wiped off the tear, knowing it is useless to mourn her mortality.

    With things organized, she walked to the main room and laid down onto the cold wooden floor, knowing the cold would probably help her calm down since the night is more beautiful during the winter. The other reason is that she does not have a couch, and if she was allowed, she does not have any room for it in her small apartment room. She pulled a pillow from the kotatsu and slid it under her head before locking her hands together over her belly. Deep in thought, she looked at the blank, snowy ceiling in the dark as the dusk light was the only light that lit the center with an orange hue. Elisa thought to herself, why she was here instead back in her room? What bothered her mother so much that she goes to great lengths to put her in Karakura Town and in a cheap apartment so Elisa could live alone? Nothing was cleared for her and the warning of French agents added to the confusion of her situation.

    Elisa rose from her rest and sat at the kotatsu before reaching for her school bag. Notebooks and pencils, all she had that was available to her learn ability are notes and homework from Japanese, English and Mathematics. Science...she dreads it because she thought she would end up dissecting things which was not her forte while a toad for dissection would have caused her to faint. Luckily, the nice man who lived next door was helpful by walking Louis for her while she was at school and do her homework. Elisa thought about her mother's favorite German Shepard because she felt the funny dog sleeping underneath the kotatsu. It does not like the cold so it is why her apartment was warmish in comparison to other rooms. Elisa always felt protected whenever Louis was around, especially during these days when her parents are feuding over rights to rule the family...why was it important that she is the heiress instead of...never mind her brother, Elisa began to see why. Oliver would have caused the French Army to fall into disarray with his stupidity. Elisa never thought of herself as better than Oliver, just less likely to disappoint her mother, who has far less expectations than her bigot father.

    There was a knock on the door and Elisa was about to get up to answer the door, but her cell phone rang inside her school bag. She answered her phone while slowly walk to the door.
    (cell phone) "Eli-chan! Don't answer the door!"
    (Elisa Whispers in Japanese) "Ara-chan? What is going on?"
    (cell phone) "There was a stranger an-and he is not one of our visitors!"
    Elisa became curious as she quietly sneak across the wooden flooring and stopped at the door before looking through the eye piece. Sunglasses, leather jacket and a clean shave with clean hair...he looks like a goofy wannabe-Tom-Cruise.

    Elisa steps back from the door and knelt down to reach for the pistol in her shin-holster. Without a second thought, she pulled her hand away from her pistol and clicked her tongue twice, causing Louis to come out of her kotatsu, ready for who is at the door.
    (faint voice from behind the door) "Official business. Move along."
    Elisa's jaw loosened itself in her is not one of her mother's agents...that guy must been a rookie. If he was one of her mother's, she would have been captured already without leaving evidences.
    (faint voice behind the door) "Lady Alice! Your father wants a word with you!"
    Upon hearing about her father, Elisa dropped out of amazement and into an irate remembrance of her father's abuses upon her. She restrained herself from answering, knowing that the landlord will eventually convince the rookie into leaving.
    (Landlord's voice behind the door) "Sir. You will leave since you are making a disturbance to the tenants by bothering an empty room and calling out a name that we all know will always be with her mother. Leave now before I call the police!"
    (faint voice behind the door)"Manager, I have a warrant for the arrest and should you not cooperate, I will have to arrest you for antagonizing a government offi...Yes? Yes, ma'am...Well you are off with a warning any further attempt to antagonize me or my co-workers, this building will be evicted."
    (Landlord's voice behind the door) "I'd love to see your kind try. Commander Alice is still in Japan and when she's in this country, you have no more power than thugs. Besides, you're powerless without warrants when you're here instead in France."

    Elisa smiled to know that her mother did not choose this complex out of whim, she picked it. The Landlord was one of her mother's allies during an impromptu co-operation when she was separated from her squad in Iraq. The landlord chose to move to Japan from New York because the city life reminded him of his patriotism and it scares him. After a while, Elisa opened the door to see the Landlord standing by. Elisa let him in and starts making green tea from the powder she bought recently.
    (Landlord) "What a greenhorn. He believed that he needs warrants to have power when in Japan, he does not have any rights to bear warrants at all. The best way for him to do is to try and capture you or make you come along quietly."
    (Elisa) "You know that if he had a gun, he would ha-"
    (Landlord) "Nonsense! All he had are fingers when he tried to get leverage. At least he know that using a gun "freely" in another countries like Japan would be a felony."
    (Elisa) "That is...assuring. I'd hate to see someone getting hurt over my affairs."
    (Landlord) "Do your homework, I'll stay for a while so you can sleep easy."

    Elisa brought the tea to the kotatsu while the Landlord was playing with Louis. It was a tale that her mother told her that Louis saved the Landlord from a mortar round scaring the "bajeebers" out of him with a live AK-74. All the dog did was clicked the AK-74's chamber and the sound was loud enough that the Landlord instinctively ran inside a house before a mortar round landed where the Landlord would have been if he did not move. Louis survived because of dumb luck that none of the shrapnels flew in his way, earning his title as, "the Sun Dog." Elisa worked on her homework while carrying on a conversation with a live Iraqi-War veteran. After finishing her tea, she handed her pistol to the Landlord and the Landlord takes it after he finished his tea. From then onward, he sat, watching the openings of one window of the second floor and door leading outside as Elisa continued her homework.

    After finishing her homework, she told the Landlord that she is going to bed soon. Like a command, the Landlord puts down the pistol onto the kitchen counter and walked out of the room before Elisa closes the lone window's curtains. After her cloak of secrecy was made, she unclothed herself before walking into her bathroom for washing away her daily taint. Though the cold would bother her, the heat from the hot bath-to-be quickly warmed up her bathroom and expectingly, Louis tried to fight its way pass his nude mistress to bask in the warmth better than underneath the kotatsu. But every time, Elisa gives up and allow him in and closes the door behind him. While she lay in her tub, she grooms Louis with her damp hand. Louis does not mind his nude mistress, just minds the cold outside the bathroom because it was more used to the summer like in Iraq than any other season.

    After a bath, Elisa leaves Louis behind to take in the dwindling warmth of her used recently used bathroom as she clothed herself in her long nightgown of satin with her undergarments of silk. She slipped into her bed and leave room for her dog to come to bed when the bathroom starts to get cold. From there on, she sleeps sweetly, knowing her dream would come easy on her when reality seemed to pressed against her fragile naivety.

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    {FFA} 00: Elisa's Home from High School Empty Re: {FFA} 00: Elisa's Home from High School

    Post  Emerald on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:11 pm

    A light chill filled the room for slight moment as a rip in reality took place. As the opening widened, a form stepped through. A young woman dressed in white. Bleach white horns extending from her head like a throned crown which curved to a point as sharp as daggers. As the woman stepped out, her bright green eyes, with irises of gold and red, looked around and surveyed her surroundings.

    A light sigh slipped from her as she noticed she was not in the woods where she had wished but instead within the confines of a large bedroom. The woman's eyes looked around the decorative room with a faint smile on her lips. The room seemed very comfortable and seemed worth being in for the night.

    As the green female turned to look around more, her hair of sea green and ocean blue slightly swayed behind her, like a cloak of the moon's light. Her eyes landed on a small four legged creature which growled loudly at her before letting out a loud bark. It barked once more, trying it's best to threaten the female which stood before it.

    With a swift motion of her foot, the woman's leg swept backwards slightly before launching forward. Her food connecting with the small creature as it yelped in main and whimpered, realizing who was in control.

    "Good boy.." The woman said as she smirked. She walked over toward the door but then spotted a small figure which seemed to be breathing in peace. How on earth could someone sleep through the sounds of a barking then yelping dog?

    Emerald, the woman of green, walked over to the bed to see what, more like who, was laying in such a peaceful sleep. Her hand extended to the blankets which drapped over the body in a comfortable and light manor, grabbing hold and pulling them away. Upon Emerald's notice, there was a female sleeping so soundly.

    "Hm... Time to wake up sleeping beauty." Said Emerald as a faint smirk played over the young woman's smooth lips as she let out a loud hissing sound which could force anything to wake upon instinct and fear.

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    {FFA} 00: Elisa's Home from High School Empty Re: {FFA} 00: Elisa's Home from High School

    Post  uhcm on Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:05 pm

    Louis’s barking did not wake up, but the tenants are rather startled by the barking. However, they soon fell back to sleep because they thought it is another would-be burglar being scared off by Elisa’s dog. The whimpering of the dog was too quiet for anyone to hear, but the whimpering gets a bit louder as ELisa heard a voice coaxing her to wake up. Elisa opens her eyes, but does not look at who was behind her, all she did was not speak, shiver in fear and keep her eyes wide open. The shivering and the skipping breaths are audible to whoever woke her up with the hissing noise. How did that person get by the landlord and the tenants and her dog, Louis? The hissing made her think of a snake and through rapid thoughts going wild...
    (Elisa's Wild Thoughts) "Snake does hiss, snakes are reptiles and some can swim like frogs do...toad..."
    She went pale figuratively for the reason that is not because of the snake.

    She turned her attention to who is behind her, but her neck refused to let her turn her head as her spine was frozen in place. "Sleeping beauty" the serpentine stranger called her and it sounded with interest. The pitch was recognizable for Elisa as its quality was feminine and seductive. Is she a sadist or a weird captor? Better not be a murderer...The thought of being murdered made her throat lock up.
    (Elisa) "W-who are you?"
    The answer cannot be good to her, but she has to ask. Now she wished her mother is here since Louis is afraid of that woman.

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