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    Taskai Muramasa Empty Taskai Muramasa

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    A R R A N C A R
    "Distant" Muramasa
    Taskai Muramasa Commission____Soko_Tachimaki_by_Geofffffff

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
    Hello my name is Adam. Do the math - I've been alive for twenty-one years and I have been Rping for seven. I heard of this site from AiyokuChan Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ PM

    B A S I C S //
    Laying down the bricks //

    Nickname/s | Tas
    DOB | Not Remembered
    Age | 666
    Sexuality | Straight
    Occupation | Espada
    Loyalty | Tp None

    Proof of who I am //


    Resurrección Appearance |
    Taskai Muramasa Satan_by_geofffffff-d31wz4l
    Call out phrase | Banshô issai kaijin to nase! [Reduce all creation to ash!]
    Resurreccion ability | Besides increased speed, Power, and flight, and control of the flames around him these are the moves he uses;

    Enkou Shotto (Flame shot) Taskai draws in some of the raging flames around him and cadences them into a sphere of fire that he launches at the opponent either a single powerful one or multiple slightly weaker ones.

    Bakuha (Explosion) Taskai slams Soudai Doragon into the ground calling a portion of the flames under his control to rush under his opponent before erupting in a volcano like explosion. As the orbs of fire rain down they cause smaller weaker explsions.

    Kouki Heki (Final Burst) Taskai gathers the flames into his core and concentrates them into his wings causing them to become fire themselves. The flames also coat Taskai’s body, this apower gives Taskai faster speed and the trail that follows behind him in this rushing move erupts in flames.

    Butou Doragons (Dancing Dragons) Taskai calls on all the fire at his disposal creating multiple dragons made of condensed fire. He then send these dragons huling at his foes with his mind, he can speed the dragons up by guiding them with his hand.

    Further than just the skin //

    Height | Six feet, Three inches
    Weight | One-hundred sixty-three pounds
    Hair color & Style | Black and Green hair, the bangs being green.
    Eye color | Dark green.
    Overall Appearance |
    Taskai Muramasa Commission____Soko_Tachimaki_by_Geofffffff

    Understand the invisible //

    Favorite Color | Black and Green

    Likes |

      One § Silence
      Two § Peace
      Three § Planning
      Four § Working hard

    Dislikes |

      One § Dealing with moronic people
      Two § Loud-mouthed women
      Three § Pink
      Four § Messes and dirty-ness

    Flaws |

      One § Taskai is very distant and can often be very rude to people he has just met.
      Two § When he finally fines a woman he is attracted to, he usually plans out how to win her over based on her personality.

    Habits |

      One § Over planning events
      Two § Staring

    Aspect of Death | (select from list)
    Fears | Women that are very loud, loud noises, clingy people
    Goals | Become the second espada, gain a woman to work with him, get the arrancars of Hueco mundo to respect him
    Overall Personality |
    Taskai is a very closed guy. Always making plans to take everything he can and give nothing back to anybody. Taskai is the aspect of Greed, as such, he constantly wants to know how everything works and wants everything for himself. He is big on authority and demands that people obey him when it comes to his plans. Along with his other activities for knowledge, he likes to spar or fight to test his skills in battle when he gets the chance and constantly is looking for ways to get stronger.

    Staying calm and collected, he has managed to get through the toughest spots in his life. He enjoys being by himself alot seeing as how people always seemed to steer clear of him, due to his cold personality. Always busy, Taskai can usually be found in a lab, conducting experiments on anything that he abducts, finds, or walks right to him. Even in battle, Taskai often finds himself stopping to "smell the roses" or in his case, the seared flesh of his victim watching and studying as they scream in agony.

    HISTORY //
    Tell me a tale... //
    NOTE: Must include human death, hollow life, and transformation into Arrancar.
    Birthplace | Not remember
    Mother | None
    Father | None
    Siblings | None
    Other Relations | None
    Companion | None
    Overall history |
    Once, a long time ago, Taskai was a hollow, but unlike most hollows, he was vicious towards other hollows. He would often engage them in battle to see who was the stronger eating them when they fell. Eventually he became a self-aware menos and worked up to an adjuchas. As an adjuchas he was found by aizen and made an espada.

    For a while he lived as the number 1 espada and aspect of greed until a Espada named Stark came along and he was knocked down to the rank of 101. He constantly sought more, from everywhere. He watched and looked at what other people had and wanted to kill them and make it his own. Taskai lived life in this spot biding his time and hated every minute of it. Because of who he was and the endless thrist for more, not to mention the experiments and abductions he did, people hated him and always tried to steer clear of him. Often times, others would try picking fights with Taskai, usually ending up with him carrying the defeated opponent back to his lab for a disection and study.

    Taskai would go out night after night to the menos forest to fight kill and devour countless menos to try to become stronger. When the day came that Taskai thought himself powerful enough, he caught word one day that the so caled Lord Aizen had been defeated, along with that wretch Stark. He went back to Hueco Mundo and took his posiiton back by force but being challanged by another for the spot.

    Taskai and his opponent readied for battle and fought to the death for the seat of power. Taskai didn’t waste any time in proving his power, calling out his resurrection right away and engulfing his foe in Soudi Doragon’s roaring flames burning him to a crisp. Taskai sealed is resurrection once again making quick work of his opponent and showing his dominance. The others acknowledged his power and gave him the first seat he sought after for so long, and sealing it by ripping off the 01 from his tattoo, leaving the 1 and a scar to remind him of the past. The primera who was left in charge, disappeared without a trace so it was the perfect opritunity. Now was the time for him to plot his take over of the three worlds and end the shinigami once and for all.

    RP SAMPLE //
    There Taskai stood, high above a forest in the human world. Bored with the endless sands of Hueco Mundo, he decided to take a stroll. Nothing was going on, it was a quiet night and the pathetic humans were completely unaware of his pressence. He looked down when a slight red glimer caught his eye. A fire had been made in the heart of the forest he was over. This usually ment that a group of humans, or test subjects, as he liked to think of them, where near by.

    -This would be a good time to have a little fun.- Taskai sonido'd down to the tree line surrounding the fire pit. Three humans set around it talking about mindless garbage that they always seemed to entertain them. He walked slowly into the clearing, catching the attention of one, a female, instantly. The fire jumped high into the sky, reacting to his pressence, before calming itself back down to its normal size. "Hope im not intruding" They all turned, now facing him with shock on their faces. A man stood up and walked over to him, placing his hand on Taskai's chest. "I think you should leave buddy."

    Taskai looked at the man with disgust. "And I think you should kneel." He said flexing his spirit pressure to force the man to the ground. He then looked at the other two sitting around the fire. "All of you." Forcing them to the ground as well. "You, my arrogent friend, will be first." Tasaki walked behind the man now kneeling on the ground, taking his hands out of his pockets. He then proceeded to touch one arm with two fingers, lighting it on fire and completely engulfing it in flame. The roar of the flames only beaing rivaled in sound by the mans helpless screams of agony. Then he touched the other, engulfing it in flame as well before both fell off. The smell of burning flesh filling the air. "You will never touch another again, filth." He placed his hand on the mans head and gripped tightly before yanking back and servering it completely and throwing it to the fire for kindling.

    The body of the wannabe hero lay motionless on the ground at Taskai's feet. Taskai then turned to face the second man and a women of great beauty. "The two of you, will accompany me for further study." He opened a gateway 50 meters behind the women and walked towards it, grabbing and dragging the man, but slung the women over his shoulder. After all, it would be a shame to ruin her beauty before his experiments.

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