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    Post  Taicho on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:31 am

    0 Level: Master Level

    Master Level characters are Organization leaders, and a few select characters across the board.

    1st level: Captain Rank

    Tier 1: Veteran Captains/Espada 1-3/Vizard with resurreccion/Veteran Human Generals/Veteran Demon Lord

    Tier 2: Seasoned Captains/Espada 4-7/Vizard with resurreccion/Seasoned Human Generals/Seasoned Demon Lord

    Tier 3: New Captains/Espada 8-10/Vizard with resurreccion/New Human Generals/New Demon Lord

    2nd level: Luitenant Rank

    Tier 1: Veteran VC's/Mid-level Ajuchas Transformed Arrancar/Vizards with full mask control/Human Major 1/Veteran Demon Demi Lord

    Tier 2: Seasoned VC's/Ajuchas/Gillian-transformed arrancar/High level Exequias members/vizard with 75% mask control/Human Major 2/Seasoned Demon Demi Lord

    Tier 3: New VC's/Gillian-class menos/Medium level Exequias/vizard with half mask control/Human Major 3/New Demon Demi Lord

    3rd level: Officer Rank

    Tier 1: Veteran officers/Strong Hollows/New Gillian/Seasoned Mod Souls/Stage 2 Human Veteran/low level exequias/Vizards with low mask control/Human members/Demon Minions

    Tier 2: Seasoned Officers/Seasoned Hollows/Seasoned Human Officers/Vizard with low mask control

    Tier 3: Newly appointed officers/hollows/Human officers/Vizard with low mask control

    4th level: Member Rank

    Division members, weak hollows, Beginner quincy, New mod souls, beginner humans and vizards with no hollow control.

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