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    Alexandra Mary Callistan


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    Alexandra Mary Callistan Empty Alexandra Mary Callistan

    Post  AiyokuChan on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:24 pm

    H U M A N
    Mary Callistan
    Alexandra Mary Callistan MilitaryBurgendy
    Staff Sergeant Callistan

    O u t o fC h a r a c t e r
    Hello my name is Aiyoku. Do the math - I've been alive for Sixteen years and I have been Rping for eight years. I heard of this site from Taicho. Rules, rules, password "Password". You can chat it up ~ Skype and PM

    B A S I C S //
    Laying down the bricks //

    Nickname/s | Alex, Lexxi, Ally
    DOB | March 3rd
    Age | 28
    Sexuality | Bisexual
    Occupation | Staff Sergeant
    Loyalty | None for the most part

    Proof of who I am //

    Spiritual Power |
    Powers First Stage:
    The power to manipulate the shadows and darkness is easy for her. When Alexandra moves her hand in certain ways, it causes the shadow or darkness to do the same but the shadows also work to her emotions. When this female is frightened and wishes to hide from everything, the darkness consumes her and hides her within its grasp or if to defend her, will form into spikes and dart toward the enemy with no hesitation.

    Powers Second Stage:
    Sanctuary of Darkness: This is a technique in order to escape locations. When this is used the right hand of Alexandra must touch a surface at which she needs to form a circular motion, causing a slight whole in the surface for her to climb through. To seal this whole back, her left hand just glow once more and make the darkness vanish. When using this, it take up a lot of her energy because she must hold this slight 'portal' open until she reaches the other side of the surface she is moving through and cannot close the entrance until she leaves the exit or she will suffocate. This leaves it open for her opponents or enemies to follow behind her so this must be done quickly without draining her of all energy and making her pass out. She can only do this twice per thread.

    Hell's Prison: If in hand to hand combat, Alexandra's right hand must be the one used to touch the opponent. If done quickly, she must place her hand upon the opponent's chest and grip them, letting the shadows which are around do the same to the opponent before forming a large sphere around the opponent of absolute darkness and complete silence with the outer wall of it completely solid, making it hard for the opponent to leave the sphere. If the sphere is touched by her with her left hand it will quickly vanish but the sphere is meant as a prison cell at which to lock up her opponent for questioning. This usually lasts 1-6 posts,depending on the amount of time it takes for the wall to be broken, usually by a source of light from within or brute force, or the prisoner to fall victim to the darkness and plead for release. The longer she holds this, however, the weaker her body becomes from holding the darkness, too long in doing this can turn to her collapsing and being held by sleep for approximately 3 posts.

    Blinding Midnight: At the time this attack is used, Alexandra's right hand must cover the eyes of the opponent for all of 3 seconds [meaning after the post it is begun, if the opponent does not pull away it will be activated]. If this is done properly,the darkness will quickly enter the opponent's eyes and cloud them with the shadows, leaving them temporarily blinded from the world and instead see what the shadows want them to see. In some cases of doing this, the opponent may tend to become insane, thus making it easier to capture the target as the shadows shift in their eyes. This can only be used once after every 8 posts.

    Weapons | A large gun-blade which is often coated in her shadows. The hight of the blade is about five feet in length and one foot in width. The blade is originally silver in color but gets an onyx color and shine when it is draped in a light cloak of Alex's shadows.

    Further than just the skin //

    Height | Five Feet, Seven Inches
    Weight | Hundred and Nineteen Pounds
    Hair color & Style | Brown hair which falls freely to her waist.
    Eye color | Calm Ice Blue
    Overall Appearance |
    Alexandra Mary Callistan MilitaryBurgendy

    Understand the invisible //

    Favorite Color | Black

    Likes |

      One § Calm and Collected people
      Two § People who do as much as they can
      Three § Efficiency
      Four § Relaxation

    Dislikes |

      One § Holding back
      Two § Slackers/Those that don't pull their own weight with work
      Three § Obnoxious people
      Four § Rudeness [Includes Cocky People]

    Flaws |

      One § Large Bun Scar on her back
      Two § Has an attitude at times

    Habits |

      One § Training Alone: Usually Alex works alone in order to learn about herself. She usually is off training with her shadow, forming it into another being so that it would even have a mind of its own.
      Two § Falling Silent at random: Alex does this often and ends up falling into her memories of the fire which took her mother and gave her her powers.

    Fears | Used to fear the dark, ambushes
    Goals | Forming her own family, leading larger rank than she ever thought possible, ending a war, killing a vizard/vesto lorde/arrancar
    Overall Personality | Alexandra is a woman that seems to stem off in multiple locations of personality. She can be kind and sweet but that seems to be when she wants something from someone. At the same time, however, she can come of utterly rude and blunt, but that is mainly when he finds someone annoying or finds her co-workers as complete idiots [which can be very often].

    She is one to live by the rule of ''All work and no play''. She can be a complete workaholic if left to. Usually, it will take people dragging or kicking her out of her office to stop working. Alexandra is seen as being bi-polar by some people. One moment, in front of those higher than her in ranking, she show respect and even smiles but when it comes to those under her command, just know not to tick her off.

    If someone does happen to tick this female off, everyone else should stay out of the way completely. She is not one to tolerate anyone or anything if it goes against her plans and those that do happen to do this will probably find themselves being kicked repeatedly against a wall until the wall finally caves in.

    HISTORY //
    Tell me a tale... //

    Birthplace | London, England
    Mother | Amerlia Callistan
    Father | Daniel Callistan
    Siblings | None
    Other Relations | None
    Companion | None
    Overall history |
    As a child, Alexandra enjoyed spending her time around the family manor. To her, there was no such thing as pain, suffering, fear, guilt, depression or distress. Her father, at the time, worked as a Brigadier for England. He commanded over three thousand men (three Battalions) within his brigade. Because of this, Alexandra's father was rarely at home, but when he was the young girl would sit with her father, learning about the military and how it operated. This fascinated the young girl and eventually made her wish to join the military one day.

    When she had reached the age of thirteen, she began her training for the military without her parents truly knowing. Using her father's brigade members that visited as her teachers. She had made each one swear not to speak of what they had taught her, not for her own self but for the sake of their jobs. This is something she continued until the day she had turned nineteen.

    On the day of the female's nineteenth birthday, a fire erupted within the wine-cellar of her home. This fire, due to the mixing of the alcohol, was hard to put out and eventually burned half of Alexandra's home but had also consumed her brother withing its burning grasp. From that day, the young girl left her home and decided to join the military with her mother's silver charm necklace, with a charm of an angel's wings, around her neck at all times.

    Naturally, the female wanted to follow in her father's footsteps but wanted to have gone through it all. So as the years passed, she continued on and tried to be in multiple fields while she slowly proved herself worthy on the battlefield. By the age of twenty five, she was able to show herself as Staff Sergeant Callista, which made her quite proud.

    In those years that went by, she had does some sort of work in every field she could. From intelligence and infantry to fighting on the field. She saw herself as successful, until the day where the world seemed to begin falling apart.

    Alexandra was not prepared to see these large beasts which seemed to be the very things that attacks and killed anything that was not like themselves. She did not waist time fighting them but found out that she had gained powers after a year into this commotion. She used this power to protect herself and her people.

    Due to her military seeming to fall apart to the hands of these beasts, Alexandra was left to fend for herself and any that may decide to help her. After some time, she then joined another army force, one made of humans that were just like her, had powers. This only made her more comfortable and made her work even hard, like she did when she first joined the rankings of her old military.

    RP SAMPLE //
    Alexandra laid against a tree in the opening as she panted heavily. Her breathing had become staggered while her body seemed to be covered with a light sweat wherever her flesh was revealed. Laying to her left was her large gun-blade which she had never let out of her site. Slowly she sighed as she laid her head back against the tree.

    "Another day, more training, more hard work, and the next day more sores." She said to herself which was followed by a light laugh. She placed her hand lightly on the charm necklace that was around her neck as she smiled lightly, wondering how her father was doing.

    Slowly she stood again, gripping the hilt of her blade as she took a few feet out into the opening. Her hand swayed to the right of her, drawing the shadows to form in front of her. When she does so, the shadow took the form of another human as she nodded toward it, telling it to attack her with full force. The shadow did as it was commanded, lunging toward the female with great speed and swinging its own blade at her.

    "Give me your best... SHOT!" She shouted as she kicked the shadow's human form in the gut roughly, to push it away from her. Alexandra pushed off her toes in a dash toward the shadow and lifted her sword above her head, prepared to strike.


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