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    Post  Taicho on Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:10 pm

    It had started with a single small event. A simple attack on the human world by a group of hollows. It hadn't been unusual and they had been defeated without too much trouble. Nothing should have changed, the events should have occurred with nothing to note. However, it led to a meeting that should have never occurred. A meeting between a Shinigami and a Vizard, the first time this had occurred for 1000 years. From the moment this occurred, the balance of power between the races was annihilated.

    Following the repelling of the hollow assault and the injuring of the 2nd Captain by a Vizard, the Shinigami retreated back to the Seiretei. There, the Captains were introduced to the hidden knowledge that had been guarded by the Sotaichos of the past, that there was a way for a Shinigami to gain hollow powers, and there were some of these Vizards existing in the human world. The Shinigami had already had been hard pressed trying to prepare for the eventual war with the Espada. The Captains quickly realized that their problems may increase many times if the unknown strengths of the Vizard Force was also focused against Soul Society.

    The Espada had their own reaction to the news, deciding to accelerate their preparations for attacking the Seiretei. However, they have their own issues as not all of the Espada are loyal to their leader Bracamarte. A small group is being formed by the trickster Quarto Espada to attempt to build strength and create new leadership for the hollows. With mistrust already breaking apart the Espada, their new power may soon crumble. The question is how much destruction will they be able to wreak before that occurs.

    However, the Espada are not the only ones with leadership problems. The Vizards are having their own conflicts within the Elites that lead them. Differences in opinion of how to deal with the so-called "Rouge" members of their race and how to deal with the Shinigami now that their existence has been made known. At the same time, the trust in their creator the Vizard Maker continues to waver as the Vizards question the reasons behind their creation and the Maker's ultimate goals. These various conflicts eventually lead attempted alliance talks between the Shinigami captains and the Vizards fall apart, with neither side declaring themselves ally or enemy.

    In the human world, the attack of the hollows by chance brought together two other races, the Superhuman Overseers and the leader of the Quincy Council. The two human races have begun to interact more for the sake of protecting the human world. Whether this connection will last may be tested in the coming days. However, they remain the greatest humans forces for protecting the human world from the great danger of the hollows and arrancar.

    With the mysterious murder of the 9th Captain and the completion of one last meeting between the Espada, war has officially been declared against Shinigami and Humans alike. And with that, the fate of the three worlds will never be the same.

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