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    Post  Taicho on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:29 am

    Site Rules

    You are allowed to swear, either in the xatbox or in any rp. Just remember to keep it moderate, not letting it overly reach a bad message to the person/s you are rping with. Remember to keep it mind.

    Please do not fight in any thread, or in the xat box. If you want to fight (Non rp-wise) go and private chat that person you are mad at, don't bother others with your problems. It really gets annoying.

    Please do not try and argue with the staff, and follow all decisions they have an observable fair and equal judgement. If you feel a mod or admin has violated your 'rights', feel free to contact one of the admins.

    We know that you like showing off how your character looks like, especially on your sigs, but please keep it on a moderate size cause it eats up a lot of space on a thread. Moderators and admins must give at least 1 warning prior to deleting a member's sig.

    Many people like having many characters, and they like canons, but this site is an all OC site, with the exception of a few canons. Though, you can have as many OC's as you can handle, and you may progress your characters skills and fighting ability as you train/post.

    Bankai, vizard, arrancar, and other obtained character levels are to have a special permission from an ADMIN. If you would like your character to progress, please feel free to post at the character development forum.

    In order to possess a captain-level or higher character, you must be able to have a 3 minimum paragraph on your important posts, such as event posts and posts for your characters subplot. Though not entirely required, a character who could only post a paragraph and plays a captain wouldn't seem right.

    A captain-level character may not fight unless against someone of his own power level or in an event. A player who is of lower rank who wishes to fight a captain-level character, or vice-versa needs special permission from the Staff. This is to prevent god-modding, as we could keep an eye on the thread.

    Never post one-liners. Someone who could post up to 1 paragraph with at least 5 lines is acceptable, as other people wouldn't have their creativity pumped up that much on their first time. But please, try to keep your post as detailed as you could, otherwise people might have a problem understanding your moves.

    You can only kill someone else's character if you have the player's consent. You cannot go out and kill somebody anonymously. Anyone who tries this will get warned, and with a few repetitious offenses, your character might get deleted. Canon characters may not die without an admin's permission.

    Any kind of power is possible, even paralyzation, poisoning and energy drain because, there are some shinigami in the anime able to do the above, or some other things. Though, please keep in mind that God-modding is never allowed in any thread, unless in the OOC thread. A staff member will extensively review every detail of your character application.

    Custom Kidou will only be accepted by admins, as they know better than most of us.

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